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I know we're only five days into 2015, but it's true: the idea of working out or getting fit or being healthier than last year seems insane. (Which is EXACTLY why I didn't resolve to do any of that. But hey — this is your life we're talking about.) Fortunately, Stella McCartney and Adidas have teamed up to make getting ready for — and going to — the gym seem less like the most terrible idea in the world.

Enter: StellaSport, an athletic line aimed at edgier, younger wearers. WWD reports that it will include apparel, accessories, and footwear in bold colours that double as actual clothes as well as gym fare. (Like, there's a onesie. That shit is cool.)

"It takes the Stella girl from the campus to the club and finds a link in sport and technology without sacrificing style," McCartney told the publication. "There are signature moments, like our new self-laced sneakers, that give individual personality. These pieces are designed to complement your life and be totally realistic that fashion and sport technology are here to stay as a huge part of our life and wardrobes, and this is the attitude we're shouting about."

So how long until you can ALSO shout about attitudes while wearing gym-meets-streetwear? Only 11 days, since the collection launches on January 15 via Adidas' website, Topshop, and Nordstrom.

New year, new you, new Paige. 

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