One Celeb, Four Looks: Chrissy Teigen

She’s pretty much the greatest thing to come to social media since Instagram itself: Chrissy Teigen, the gorgeous, goofy and often hilariously outspoken model gives our social media feeds one liners and photos that have us literally lol-ing. (A fine example, Teigen recently tweeted, this fish is winning unlike somebody, referring to a losing football team during game time and snapping a pic of  a delicious looking whole fish to be made for dinner. This was shortly followed by, lol fucked up the marinade so now my fish losing too. ordering grilled cheese.

The multi-talented model, wife to mega talented singer John Legend (his massive hit All of Me is a love song dedicated to Teigen) is more than just a pretty face. If her fish tweet wasn’t enough of a hint, she’s majorly into food and cooking and often shares her incredible looking dishes on Instagram, prompting followers to drool everywhere.  Stating that cooking is her calming source, she’s become almost as well known for her Food Network appearances and food diaries as she is for her Sports Illustrated shoots. And every step of the way, she looks impeccably stylish, yet completely at ease. Here, we see four of our favourite looks, which was no easy feat; the girl looks incredible in everything.

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Co-hosting Extra!

In the heat of July, your outfit can afford to be comprised of minimal clothing, save for a bralette and skirt. That is, if you’re Chrissy Teigen. The model looked every bit the part in a Milly sea blossom print bralette top and matching pencil skirt, which the star suited perfectly in both silhouette and colour palette and prompted onlookers everywhere to solemnly swear they would hit the gym starting today.


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