Fresh Valentine’s Date Ideas

If you’re itching for new Valentine date ideas, look no further. Here are some unique ideas for sharing a special day with your sweetie.

Get Cooking!

Organize for you and your partner to attend a cooking class together. Thanks to the likes of sites like Groupon and Living Social, there are often many classes offered that you would have never even thought about. How about trying a chocolate making class, or a Thai-style class together? Always wanted to try your hand at pasta making? Chances are, there’s a class for that. Bonus”he’ll know what to make you for next years’ Valentine’s Day dinner.

A Surprise!

If you’re both the indecisive type, try coming up with ideas the week before the big V-day. Then, the night before, put all your ideas in a hat and blindly pick one out. It will keep the excitement alive for longer than just the actual day, and you’ll find out more about each other with every idea that’s thrown out there.

Volunteer Together!

Instead of buying each other expensive gifts, try giving back instead! Spend your day or night volunteering somewhere together, like at a pet shelter or a youth center. Not only will you feel great about what your’e doing, but you’ll form a bond because you’re doing something new together.

Borrow a Pet!

If you or your significant other are not pet owners, borrow a pal’s pooch for an extravagant stroll. Not only are you getting fresh air and exercise together, but you’ll have some causal, non-intimidating one-on-one time with a cute pal to boot.

Play Paparazzi

Go on your own personal photo-taking walking tour around your city. Create new memories and capture them on film as you explore your artistic side together. The best part is you’ll have mementos of your Valentine’s date and you’ll be able to make a (non Facebook) album together.

No matter what you end up doing with your partner on Valentine’s Day, the most important thing to remember is to not get carried away with this “Hallmark Holiday”. Just enjoy spending time with someone you care about and you’ll be sure to have a memorable day, no matter what you end up doing.


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