How Not to Lose the Spark When You Move in Together

Moving in your with partner is all about getting comfortable. No more packing for overnight visits, no more running out to get mascara because you forgot yours at home, no more arguments over where you’re going to spend the weekend and no more encounters with their roommate. But sometimes it’s easy to get¦ well, a little too comfortable. Here are a few ways you can make sure you don’t lose the spark when you move in together.

Go on proper dates

Yup, we’re talking about date night. We know, it sounds super lame, so call it something else or don’t call it anything at all but make sure you’re getting dressed up, going somewhere nice, eating a delicious meal, drinking a decent glass of wine and catching up with each other at least once a month (or whatever date night looks for you guys). And if you can’t afford to go out, do date night at home. Just no sweatpants, no phones and an actual conversation beyond “how was your day?”.

Do things on your own

You moved in together because you like being with each other but spending too much time with each can make you feel bored or irritable with your partner. Make sure you both spend some time doing things on your own or with your own friends. It will make the time you spend together feel more special.

Pick your battles

This one is hard to control but it can make a huge difference in how you and your partner see each other. Do you actually need them to nag them about the way they fold their laundry? Probably not. Do you really need to remind them to turn the light off in the washroom? Maybe. Just be mindful of your tone when you do and which issues really matter in the grand scheme of your co-habitation.

Make an effort

Part of being comfortable living with someone is being able to just chill in sweats, but coming home and seeing your partner in sweatpants full of holes and a shirt covered in stains is less than appealing. We’re not saying that either of you need to walk around looking like a model but a little bit of effort can go a long way.

Do your grooming behind closed doors

Sharing a bathroom with your partner can be fun (tooth brushing buddies!) but some habits, like you plucking your mustache or them trimming their nose hairs, should be private. And the same goes for bodily functions. If you need to pee while your partner is in the shower, fine, but all other bodily functions should be off limits.

Don’t forget to be affectionate

When you’re spending so much more time together, you might not feel the same need to hug and kiss and hold hands all the time, but you should still do those things. Being affectionate makes the relationship feel as fun, fresh and playful as it did when you first started dating and all that affection will make you more likely to end up in bed together, and isn’t that the point of all this?

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