How to Be Single Over the Holidays

Enduring the holidays sans date isn’t easy. There are parties that require dates, couples loving each other all over the place, and plus, its winter. Dark, cold winter. Buck up, lady. Christmas is all about showing your family and friends love – you don’t need a date to do that. Fend off the holiday blues with these 5 pointers.

Get into the spirit your way. If you isolate yourself from everything and try to deny its Christmas, you’ll be lying to yourself and that doesn’t feel good either. It’s ok to be sad. Acknowledge your feelings, then move on. Wallowing in misery won’t make you fun to be around. Find a way you can get into the spirit without partaking of activities that land you right in couple territory.

Give yourself something to feel good about. Volunteering or helping others will make you feel awesome. Around the holidays, there are a ton more volunteer opportunities available than usual. Find a cause you feel passionately about and cut out some time for it. You might even meet someone.

Avoid couple overload. Don’t torture yourself by hanging out with couples who will be over each other the whole time. Third wheel scenarios will bum you out and invite questions. Bring a really good friend to a family party or arm yourself with a great group of pals. If a party isn’t too crucial, don’t feel bad turning it down if you feel you need to. Spreading yourself too thin by making too many plans will give you holiday burn out and make you feel worse.

Be active. Sitting around the house, eating chocolate and drinking too much rum and eggnog is pretty much inevitable around the holidays. Make moderation your motto. Don’t drown your sorrows and don’t succumb to movie marathon temptation. Take control of your day. Head to a yoga class, go for a walk or run. It’ll get your endorphins flowing and those holiday indulgences will be much more enjoyable afterward.

Be prepared for questions. Being without a date may make people feel justified in asking if / why you’re single. Silence any nosy inquirers by confidently talking about all the awesome things you have going on “ exciting developments in your career, a creative project that’s been demanding a ton of your time, your art, your volunteer work, your awesome social life, etc. At this point in your life, you’re focusing on your personal goals. (Even if you’re scouting for single guys every time you leave the house, they’ll believe whatever you tell them.)

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