6 Holiday Day Trip Ideas

Work, obligatory family events, and lack of funds can put a damper on what we’d like our holiday to be. But you can still have a getaway experience without taking a ton of time off. Set aside a Saturday, pack up a backpack and head off to the bus station with some friends. These day trip ideas will have you back in time for cocktails and canapé©s (or work at 5 PM), we promise.

Go on a brewery tour. If you love beer, geek out at a brewery and learn the secrets of how your favourite brew is made. Brewers are passionate people, and they love talking about their craft. Some breweries offer festive tour packages and exclusive one-off beers that are only available at the brewery around the holidays. If you’ve got the night free, plan for a day when you can stick around and have dinner. After a day of sampling and savoring, you’ll want to.

Check out a pioneer village. Remember when visiting a pioneer village was the best field trip ever? Sigh. Old world Christmas traditions are so much fun. Count your modern world blessings as you tour a historic village, make pomanders and splurge on a horse drawn carriage ride. If you weren’t in the spirit before, you will be after this.

Stroll around a farmers market. Around the holidays, farmers markets are a blast. Especially if you’re a foodie, heading to a farmers market can deliver some seriously festive inspiration with their many different vendors. St. Jacobs is a scenic Mennonite community with a great farmers market. Spend the day strolling and sampling!

Go on a skating trip. Don’t even try to deny the frigid temperatures out there. Bundle up, get out and enjoy the crisp air. Break out your old skates and wolly socks and fill a thermos with hot chocolate. Rinks are best when you beat the crowds, so set your alarm early. If you’re extra courageous, take a skating break and have a picnic lunch in the snow.

Look for treasures at a craft show. Looking for some unique gifts for your closest loves? Craft shows during the holidays are the place to go. Some indie artists gear up all year for them. Scope around for trinkets from hand printed posters and T’s, jewelry, bags and homemade bath products. You’ll definitely get inspired to get crafty yourself.

Take a cooking class. Gather up some keen culinary minded friends and spend an afternoon honing your cooking skills. It’ll give you some inspiration for your holiday baking or DIY gifts, or equip you with a bit more know how for hosting that dinner party. Cooking classes are a party for the senses.


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