Spending Xmas with Your Boyfriend’s Family?

Remember the days, in the beginning of your relationship, when you are dying for your man to take you to meet his family so they could all experience how wonderful you are and how truly perfect you are for one another? Well what happens when that meeting coincides with the holidays season? What happens when your first introduction to the family happens when his mom is stressing over a turkey dinner and his brother is half-drunk and gropey and every single extended family member is in town? You prepare, that’s what happens. Like so¦

Discuss differences
Even before you turn up at your man’s family party, ensure you sit down with him and discuss everything about that could be problematic even in the slightest way. Is their a cultural, religious, or social difference which might come into play? What are the family rules on manners, alcohol consumption, and other general party behaviours? Make sure you ask all these questions before the big day to avoid a big surprise.

Know who to avoid
Chances are good that you have probably heard a lot about his family, even before you walked through their front door. Chances are also good that you’ve probably warmed up to the idea of certain members of his family, more than others, without having even met them. And while it is great to have a list of people you want to get get to know better, make sure you man also lists out who you should be avoiding, as well. After all, no one likes getting stuck with the bitter, angry cousin all night long, right?

Don’t judge
It’s natural for many of us to think that our family is the greatest family ever and to be completely appalled at people whose traditions around the holiday season greatly differ from our own. But keep in mind, it probably took you a couple decades to adapt and adjust the customs of your family (which were essentially probably pulled from a combination of their family traditions), so don’t expect to accept his family ways right away. Yours will probably seem bizarre to him too.

Be respectful
In regard to what we mentioned above, it is also important to remember, when dealing with differences and difficulties that everyone is entitled to their own way of thinking and often we want to believe that our way is the right way. It is important, however, to be respectful of others opinions and beliefs and to make sure that, even though you can express your differences, you understand and respect their opinions as well.

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