5 Places to Meet Guys Other Than Online

Thanks to Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Happn, etc., meeting someone IRL these days is much harder than it used to be.

Office romances are not only frowned upon, but majorly complicated and most of the time, meeting a guy at a club or a bar usually leads to one thing (and no, not a relationship) and the majority of people who hang out in coffee shops or libraries are either unemployed looking for jobs or students… but hey, if that’s what you’re looking for, by all means, camp out at your local café© or branch.

If not, here are a few foolproof places to meet guys other than online:

Within your extended friendship circle

One of the best ways to meet someone new is through someone you already know. Yes, we know, we know, you’ve probably asked your bestie countless times to introduce you to that guy she works with. What we’re saying is broaden your range within the friendship circle. Maybe it’s your co-worker’s brother’s best friend or your spin class buddy’s cousin. You never know what you could be missing if you don’t ask around!

Volunteering organizations

Find a cause that you believe in, and volunteer your time to help out. Should you meet someone volunteering alongside you, you’ll know you have at least one thing in common.

The gym

In case you haven’t noticed, the gym is filled with plenty of baes busy getting their fitness on. If there is one (or two, or three…) who catch your eye, ask them to spot you or help you out with an exercise to spark a conversation.

The Apple store

Hear us out on this”the Apple store is another place filled with cuties. So next time you’re bringing your iPhone or Macbook in to get fixed, take solace in the fact that you can bond with a fellow dissatisfied customer while you wait. Oh, and the employees are pretty bae too, TBH.

Speciality classes

Similar idea to the volunteering organization”find a class that interests you, whether it be improv, boxing, cooking, etc. Again, it’s a great place to meet someone who shares similar hobbies as you.

And if all of the above fail, well, join The Bachelor (just kidding).

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