Guide to Growing Out Your Bangs

Whether you regret jumping on the trendy bang-wagon, or you’re just over your fringe, growing out your bangs can be a long and awkward journey. While the look may be timeless and chic, when fringe is too long to brush forward and too short to push aside, the once sophisticated style can start to look sloppy. Seeing as bangs can take anywhere from six months to an entire year to completely grow out, that can add up to a lot of time spent stressing in-between. Here’s how to get through those less than stylish stages, while still looking cute:

Stay in Shape
The first stage of your grow-out should be all about trimming and reshaping as your bangs reach new lengths. Stick to regular trims, and have your stylist soften your fringe while working towards a side swept look by first cutting bangs at an angle, and then working to blend in surrounding hair as your fringe gets longer. If you had been rocking blunt bangs and long lengths, this could mean incorporating soft, face framing layers for a more seamless transition. Making the chop may seem counterintuitive seeing as your goal is to grow out your fringe, but it’s the only way to maintain your mane’s shape.

When your bangs are still too short to properly push aside, but are now seriously affecting your ability to see, accessories are the answer. Take your pick from polished headbands, classy bobby pins and cute clips to help keep your fringe out of your face while awarding you definite style points. If you find that accessorizing your bangs is a battle, use hair spray or a small amount of pomade to keep things smooth and under control.

Braid it, Twist it, Pin it
Once your fringe is long enough to play with, get creative! Trying wearing the rest of your hair loose and wavy, work your bangs into a small front braid and smooth pesky baby hairs with hair spray. Or, go boho-chic and wear your locks with a center part while twisting your fringe back on either side, and securing hair with clips. Another option? Simply pin bothersome bangs back into a cute mini-bump. The options are limitless, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Play the Part

Finally, when your bangs are nearing side-swept territory, now is the time to start re-training your hair to stay put to one side. Post-shower, apply a styling gel or cream to your fringe, and part them as desired. Use a blow-dryer to lock in style. It may take some time for your bangs to co-operate, but soon enough you can skip the styling aid and be on your way to becoming totally fringe-free.

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