Jared Leto is Back!

We all remember and cherish “My So-Called Life.” So if Claire Danes can make a comeback via “Homeland,” why can’t Jared Leto make his through HUGO?

That’s right: HUGO Red — the brand’s newest fragrance for men — will be launching in Canada in March of next year, and Jared Leto will be the face of it.

2013 actually marks the 20th anniversary of HUGO, which is why they went with someone like Leto, who they feel embodies their ethos.

“I think creativitiy and pushing boundaries go hand in hand, and originality comes from individuals who are willing to take chances, to bet on themselves,” Leto said. “People sometimes think of pressure as having negative connotations, but I think it can be a great motivator to take control and define who you are. When you face a challenge, it’s important to keep pushing yourself so you can learn and grow.”

Will Andrews, member of the P&G Fragrance Creation Team, elaborated on the fragrance itself, which admittedly does go hand-in-hand with Leto’s mini pep talk.

“We wanted to create a perfume for men that captures the idea of pushing boundaries,” he said. “And to achieve this, we found an unexpected parallel with the behaviour of hot and cold metal. The result of our creation is a contemporary blend of contrasting ingredients, full of cold and hot tension that stimulates the wearer and leaves him feeling energized and ready to challenge himself.”

Well hello. The cold metal aspect is reportedly reflected by notes of grapefruit and rhubarb, while “liquid heat” is characterized by cedarwood and hot amber. You can pick it up in March at Sephora, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Holt Renfrew, Sears, and London Drug, and prices range from $53 – $98. Cool (or hot).

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