Tyra Banks is a Bestselling Author

Between her former modelling career and spot in the wide world of reality television, Tyra Banks has quite the stacked resume. And now she can add one more line to it: bestselling author.

Thanks to the recently-released Modelland, the America’s Next Top Model host is the author of a New York Times bestselling novel, with it having reached number two on the coveted list, and number one on the Barnes & Noble chart.

Described as “a work of fiction that honours [her] love of books and fantasy”, the novel reportedly doesn’t detail specific incidences, but Ms. Banks has admitted that readers may be given a glimpse into the mannerisms of certain famous individuals through characters Tyra’s based on people she knows:

“Yes, many of the characters will be inspired by some of the models I’ve known. Both nice and ‘ice’. And many of the people I’ve met along the way, from the fashion world, my TV shows, even people I’ve met in restaurants and on the street.”

Which may actually be the theme if Modelland gets the silver screen treatment.

“I would love to open up the Modelland casting to the world,” Banks told New York Magazine. “I’m looking for an every-girl to possibly play one of the characters in the story.”

Suffice to say that character will not be based on rumoured rival Naomi Campbell.

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