When To Be Competitive and When to Let It Slide

For some, the old adage its not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game can be applied to any and all aspects of life. For others, winning is everything. To determine which parts of your life could use a little more competitiveness “ and which could use a little less! “ read on.

Bring it On: In the Workplace
Whether it’s a raise, a promotion or personal satisfaction you’re after, the workplace is definitely the right place to be competitive. While nobody likes an office narcissist, there’s nothing wrong with striving to be more productive, more valuable and more personable than your colleagues. This is how successful people get ahead. So pay close attention to those personal sales stats and you may find yourself employee of the month.

Play it Cool: Between Friends
So your best friend just bought a brand new Mercedes-Benz and you’re still driving an AMC Pacer circa 1980. Instead of going out and blowing your annual salary on an equally impressive set of wheels, take the opportunity to be thankful for the fact that your vehicle hasn’t spontaneously combusted yet. Not only is this kind of competition materialistic but it can ultimately drive you and your friend apart. Besides, unlike men, we know better than to believe our worth is determined by the kind of car we drive. Its really our shoes! (Kidding.)

Bring it On: At the Gym
Hitting the gym is the perfect time to bring out your competitive side. The next time you and another Lululemon-clad lady hop on neighboring stationary bikes, try to outride her. It may not be the Tour de France but it can help motivate you. You can even get competitive with yourself! Start keeping track of how far you run on the treadmill and how many reps of dynamic squats you can do. Refer to these stats each time you workout and you’ll have arms like Eva Longoria before you know it.

Play it Cool: In Your Relationship
According to Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally renowned psychologist, if one of you are winning then the marriage is losing.” While there is nothing wrong with a bit of playful Scrabble rivalry, a couple should never find themselves competing to be the bread winner, the better spouse, the favorite parent or any other irrelevant title.  If you find you and your significant other battling over who has driven little Timmy to the most baseball practices, stop. Being in a relationship is supposed to mean working together, not against each other.

Play it Cool: At the Bar
If your drinking buddy is the type to chant your name as you force down the umpteenth shot that he or she has bought you, beware. Competitive drinking may seem like good, ol’ fashioned fun at the time, but it can have dangerous consequences. To avoid competitive overdrinking, make up an excuse: you need to get up early tomorrow, you have to drive later that night, whatever. Just remember, no one looks like a winner puking their guts out.

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