6 Sneaky Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Suspecting your partner is cheating can be pretty crazy-making. It’s easy to let your imagination run wild, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable or insecure. You don’t need to send out a sleuth party to find out if he’s cheating, just pay attention to these sneaky little signs that he’s got someone on the side. 

Unusual computer activities.
He could be trying to hide Facebook messages, pictures, emails or banking info. If he’s making sure his laptop is all but welded shut and hidden when you’re around, it could be a sign of some suspicious online contact.

Secretive texting
Just the like computer hiding, the same goes for the phone. If he’s acting weird about texting – hiding his phone from you, holding it away from you as he texts, or texting more in general without mentioning anything about it, it could be a sign.

Irrational fights erupt
He might develop a hot temper all of a sudden, becoming super defensive at the littlest things. When this happens in a relationship, it’s a sign of underlying issues that aren’t getting directly dealt with. They bubble up under the surface and can come out in some unexpected ways. It doesn’t mean he’s mad at you, it could be a sign of his feeling guilty, his being angry with himself, or unhappy with the state of his life right now (which may have driven him to cheat in the first place).

His physical appearance changes
New look, new outlook isn’t always a good thing. A change in style is a sign of a new influence. It could mean he’s dressing to impress someone, or maybe he’s been getting those new shirts are gifts.

His friends act weird
If his friends are all of a sudden totally MIA, it might mean they’re going out of their way not to talk to you. If he is cheating, then they’re in a pretty awkward position, especially if you’ve formed a friendship with them.

He’s making excuses
Is he burning the midnight oil at work all of a sudden? Engaged in more PM meetings than usual? If he’s skirting around making plans with you or putting it off, he could either be booked, feeling guilty, or genuinely knackered. After all, a man can only have so much sex.

If you have suspicions then you obviously feel your relationship is being neglected in some way – this alone is grounds for a solid discussion. But if you genuinely suspect your partner is cheating, then listen to your gut, but don’t accuse him. After all, this is the person you’ve built a relationship with. You owe it to both of you to be willing to hear his side of the story.


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