5 Positions That’ll Spice Up Your Love Life

It is no surprise that when you’re looking to breathe some life into your relationship you often revert to the bedroom, in particular to what you’re doing with your time in there. Maybe you’ve got your tried and tested positions that work every time without fail but maybe they are getting a bit, well, dull. But like the kama sutra stuff still seems a bit out there right? No prob girl. We get you and we got you — here are five sexy lovemaking positions that are totally doable¦ and that you should definitely be trying tonight.

Ride their face

Sounds vulgar, yes, but trust us when we say don’t knock it ˜til you try it. Kneel over your partner face during oral sex, strategically placing your girl parts within perfect licking distance. Reach back and rest your hands on their chest, similar to how you would in reverse cowgirl. This gives your partner perfect access to the spot that needs attention the most.

The column

Place your hands firmly on a wall (or a mirror or shower door¦ use your imagination) with your legs together and allow your partner to enter you from behind. A great position for give and take of control between you, who can push back from the wall, and your partner, who can push you up against the wall. Also a great position for touching yourself or letting them touch you and your tightly pressed together legs will literally make you feel like a vice grip around their parts.

Little dipper

Missed your workout today and feel like making it up in the bedroom? Have your partner lay on the living room floor and lay your feet on the far side of their body. Place your hands on the edge of the couch and lower yourself onto their member in the same motion as a tricep dip. Voila! A workout within a workout.

Couch cowgirl

And while you’re working the living room angle, here’s another to try (especially if you’re partner is a boob lover). Have them continue to lay on the floor and lift their calves onto the couch. Crouch over them and climb on, leaning over on your hands and giving them a great show from your girls. This unique angle hits a bit deeper than the usual cowgirl and will have you feeling yeehaaaaa in no time.


Not just for the girl-on-girl action, this position is fantastic for those who need direct clitoral stimulation to get off. The easiest route is to start on your back with your partner entering you on their side. Once you get going slip your leg between theirs and turn onto your side facing away from them. See how you’re basically riding their leg while their inside you? Feels pretty freaking good huh? You can thank us later.

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