Make This Your Sexiest Valentine’s Day Yet

If romance is dead anyway (or so we keep hearing) than maybe we should all just say screw it to Valentine’s Day and just get really, really naughty on February 14, right? Here’s a few ways to make this years love day your absolutely sexiest ever.

Show some restraint

Wait, doesn’t this totally contradict the whole going rogue on Valentine’s Day? No, no my dear, you’ve clearly misunderstood us on this one. Invest in a great set of bed restraints this year and let your partner put them to good use on you (and them). Throw a few whips in there and you’ve really got a party in our books.

Up your sexting game

Let’s be serious your partner probably has a whole boatload of nude pics of you saved to a private folder on their phone already, so switch up your tactic. Instead replace a visual with a voice clip of you masturbating first thing after waking up. Let them know you were thinking of them and cannot wait for what the rest of the day holds for the two of you.

Light it up and rub it down

Set the mood and kick off the foreplay with a fragrant massage candle. The flickering light will help create the atmosphere for a most sensual evening and once it has turned into oil you and your partner can use it to rub each other down, turn each other on and heighten arousal to an exciting new level.

Change up your girl bits

If you’ve been sporting a specific look down there since the day you and your guy met then switch it up — go full bush if you’re usually smooth as a baby or wax it all off it you’re usually a little fuller. Not only will it give him a sexy shock but it will also create a wicked new sensation in the sack.

Let them choose your attire

Give them a gift card to a lingerie shop and tell them that they can pick whatever they want you to wear that evening. Added bonus? You’ll try on anything they like in a sexy personal fashion show. You’ll be lucky if that purchase stays on longer than five minutes.

Block out your senses

Bring an eye mask and ear plugs into the bedroom this year. Take turns experiencing your lovemaking without the ability to see or to hear. You’ll be amazed at how much more heightened an experience you can have when you don’t know where your partner is and the only sound you can hear is that of your own shallow, heavy breathing.

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