Is Your Friend a Debbie Downer?

We all get in bad moods from time to time “ that’s natural. We can’t all walk around as perky as a cheerleader 24/7, but sometimes the whole misery loves company adage gets old.  But what do you do if you have a friend who’s constantly a Debbie Downer and always gets the best of your positive mood?  Here are a few steps you can take to deal with the issue and not feel like you’ve become Debbie Downer’s BFF, Negative Nelly.

Step One: Gimme a “C” for chat
If she’s truly a bestie, it’s definitely time to call her on her negative vibes.  You should be able to talk to your good friends about anything.  At this time you may find out that her depressing behaviour is a result of something larger than she didn’t care to admit or was even aware of. Approach it as though you are concerned about her, not like you are accusing her.

Step Two: Bring in the pep squad
All right, so you couldn’t uncover the issue when you guys were one on one.  This is a good time to bring her out with all of your friends and have someone else try relating to her issue.  Hopefully there will be a voice of reason in in the crowd that will spark the “I so know what you’re going through” conversation that the two of you alone couldn’t seem to get to.

Step three: Tell her she can’t come to the big game
If you’ve tried everything and you’ve now become just as much of a downer as she has when you are out together “ it’s time you left her alone.  The space alone may encourage her to do some personal reflecting and fingers crossed she realizes that being negative Nelly isn’t as fun when her friend Debbie D isn’t around. 

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