How to Channel Your Inner Charisma

We’ve all got our own unique charisma. Sometimes, it flows through us like a bright light and we feel like we could own whatever room we walk into. Other times, it feels like we couldn’t make a more lacklustre impression if we were cowering in a corner. Here’s how to channel that glowing confidence in any situation, even if you don’t feel on your game.

Wear something reliable. When you feel good, you look good. It’s an age-old adage, but it’s totally true. Wear a tried and true outfit that not only feel makes you feel comfortable moving around, but super sassy.

Be optimistic. Check your bad mood at the door. You won’t attract any good energy if you’re down in the dumps. Do something nice for yourself before your go out to make you feel good, like getting your nails done or giving yourself a home facial. Good music is also key in the getting ready phase of the night. Listening to your favourite tunes will pump you up. 

Trust yourself. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing or a stupid thing. Sometimes, when we’re nervous or self conscious we go the safe route and play it cool, which is a fine enough mindset, but often it means not saying anything at all. Trust yourself. Remember that everyone has their self conscious hang-ups. If you say something stupid, chances are the person you’re talking to wil barely notice because they’re probably worried about sounding stupid themselves. 

Picture yourself in a movie. This may help put things in perspective in momentary lacks of self confidence. Channel your favourite super hot celeb lady and make like her if you want. No one needs to know but you.

When in doubt, smile. A good conversationalist will always, always, always make their conversation partner feel great about themselves. If you can’t muster the energy to be witty, remember that just being nice is enough. 

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