Julia Stiles Joins the Cast of ‘Dexter’

Julia Stiles will be coming out of hiding this year to join the case of Dexter. The actress, who seems to have been under the radar the last couple of years, is said to play a mysterious woman who basically distracts Dexter from the death of his wife. Stiles’ character will be picking up where Rita left off. 

Stiles will be in 10 of the 12 episodes of the highly anticipated fifth season (which premieres this fall) and it seems fans on the blogosphere are already wondering what kind of damage she might do to poor ol’ Dex in the wake of his wife’s death. According the Showtime, Stiles’ character “forms a unique relationship with Dexter.” While that description is quite vague, you know when it comes to Dexter, “unique” can only mean more unusual drama for the show (which is definitely not a bad thing!). 

Now, the other question to pose here, is where the heck has Julia Stiles been since the last Bourne movie in 2007!? Well, I was wondering the same thing! Seems she’s actually been a tad bit busier than I thought, and had two movies released in 2009, The Cry of the Owl and Passage. Stiles as also spent some time on stage, and is currently starring in the production of Filthy Talk for Troubled Times.  

It’ll definitely be interesting to see if Stiles can pull off a role on Dexter, which is widely known for its unusual plot lines and characters. She’ll either fit right in, or stick out like sore thumb. Do you think Julia Stiles will fit in on Dexter

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