Guestlist 101: Who to Invite to the Party

The holidays are a lovely time, a joyful time. They are a time to bring together friends and family in a celebration of health and happiness and a new year on the horizon. And usually that comes in the form of a whole plethora of holiday parties¦including ones that you may find yourself on the hosting end of. So what is the hostess-with-the-mostest to do to make her party the one that no one will forget this holiday season? Well invite all the right people of course…

Who to invite¦

The requirements
This includes all those peeps that you absolutely just cannot avoid — immediate family, in-laws, best friends, co-workers, your boss, etc. This is a good place to start your list, since these people will probably make up the bulk of it.

The minglers
Sure, you may not know that girl from down the apartment hall very well, but every time you pass her in the hallway it turns into a 45 minutes conversation. For every meek and mild person you add to your list, make sure you add someone renowned for their outgoing nature. It will pay off in less awkward silences and more roaring laughter.

The talented
The friend who is in a band? Ask him to bring his guitar. The co-worker who does great impersonations? Tell her to rest up her voice. The couple who swing dances? Tell them to bring their dancing shoes. Keep them on standby throughout the night incase the party goes slack and suddenly needs a little pick-me-up.

Who to leave at home¦

The drama-makers
You know that friend who just LOVES to gossip? Or the one who is always making funny-yet-slightly-inappropriate jokes? Those are the people who ruin parties. If there is anyone on your list who you suspect has the slightest chance of offending even one person at your party, leave them off. They aren’t worth the hassle or the damage control that will follow in their wake.

The heavy drinkers
We all know it is easy for one to have a few too many cocktails over the holidays season, but limit the potential damage by inviting those people who are known for having a heavy hand when it comes to the booze. Not only will this lower the chances of embarrassment, it will also keep your alcohol budget under control.

The conflict couple
Sure you girlfriend might be “madly in love” with her man, but if they are renowned for having Sammy and Ronnie-sized fights any time they are out in public together (in particular when there is alcohol involved) then it might be best to leave one and/or both of them at home for the evening. No one likes a holiday disaster, and this will definitely be one.

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