Bachelor in Paradise, Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Conscious Coupling

Picking up right after the whole Chris-Elise-Sarah-Dylan trifecta of drama where Dylan got sent home, everyone was looking at Elise in a different light—not that different from how she appeared on her season of The Bachelor. But now that her original boy toy is gone (the one who was apparently “the one”), she’s got all eyes for Chris and “wants to fall in love with him.” (Oh dear.)

Even though Marquel’s comments about Michelle’s drinking habits threw her off, the two seemed to be getting along really well. And when they got back to the villa, Danielle (from Juan Pablo’s season) was sitting there waiting, with a date card in hand. Danielle, who’d had her sights set on Marquel from when she saw him on Andi’s season, asked him and he accepted without much hesitation—leaving Michelle all alone after she gave her rose to him. Danielle and Marquel hopped on a plane to fly a little ways across Mexico for their date, while back at the villa, Michelle was feeling “super… like… I don’t know.” Trying to save face from her Marquel embarrassment, she’s wishing she’d given Rob her rose since she really wanted to keep him around anyway.

Elise was the next to snag the date card and immediately scooped up Chris—no question about that, obvs. Even before she asked him, he was screaming yes, but while Elise was mentally doodling Bukowski on her notebook, Chris was out injuring his knee, ruining his chances of going anywhere on a date. On Marquel and Danielle’s date, the two went swimming where Danielle opened up to having a serious crush on Marquel from when she saw him on Andi’s season and was really hoping to get a shot with him. But while they were wading, some sparks started to fly—and by sparks we mean lightning that struck mere feet away from Marquel.

Elise was confiding in Michelle about her feelings for Chris and was getting excited for her date together—even though Chris’ knee was still a little worse for wear. While Elise and Chris were getting ready for their (overnight) date, the group was speculating on weather the two would sleep together—and with Chris’ reputation and Elise thinking everyone is “the one,” most bets were on yes. Clare and Michelle were scheming to get Michelle and Rob together after Marquel went off with Danielle. The two plotted a sexy double date without the rest of the house—but including Zack and Rob. Michelle broke the news to Sarah to be honest with her and let her know, but Sarah wasn’t taking it too well. Rob was liking what Sarah had to offer, but saw that she was upset, though didn’t know quite why.

Back on Elise and Chris’ date, the two did some strolling and had a romantic dinner. They chatted—honestly their conversation was dull as powder—but Elise told him that he changed things for her with Dylan, but she’s happy he’s her “silver lining” to all of the crappy stuff with Dylan. While they were chatting, they got another date card, giving them each a key to their own room—unless they wanted to share a room together. Elise said she wanted to see how things go, but Chris was clearly trying to move things along a little quicker. After some making out in the pool, the two went upstairs to (one) suite. We might’ve been able to imagine what went on in that room (though, please god don’t make us try to) if it weren’t for Chris’ busted knee, undoubtedly being the cockblock for the evening. Alas, there are other ways…

Back at the house, Clare and Michelle were getting ready for their surprise double date with Zack and Rob. Poor Sarah was left behind in the house with just Lacy, Marcus, AshLee and Graham—so basically all alone. While Sarah was dealing with some insecurity issues, Michelle was putting herself out there with Rob—even telling him she wasn’t into Marquel anymore. The double date seemed to go off without a hitch—but Rob was being pulled in different directions between Sarah who gave him the rose and Michelle who was undeniably attracted to him. Proving that love doesn’t last longer than a blink in shows like this, Marquel was crushing on Danielle and Michelle was “over it” with Marquel, but in came another lady to stir up the pot… The boys were CRANKING their heads to see which lady would be gracing their group next. And sure enough, it was Jackie from Sean’s season, giving all the girls an extra jolt of jealousy. Jackie played it smart and asked who was paired up with whom—hoping to not start trouble—but the group decided everyone should be fair game. Jackie invited Marquel, disappointing both Danielle and Michelle who was apparently over it all. Marquel, one of our faves from Andi’s season, was playing all sides of the game, not shutting the door on any opportunity presented to him.

Graham confided in Michelle about AshLee’s stage-five-clinger mentality… saying that they hadn’t even had their first date and he was already off limits to everyone else. AshLee had been taking her stalkerness to the next level, already talking to Graham about meeting her parents and about the “hot babies” they would have together. Finally, AshLee got a date card and immediately asked Graham for their first official date (though you’ve probably already received their wedding invitation).

Back at the house, Marcus pulled Lacy away from the group for a bit, hoping to get to know her a bit better, since they’re already getting deep into their relationship. Danielle confided in AshLee about her concerns with Marquel, who seemed to be there to meet anyone and everyone. Jackie and Marquel were having a fantastic time on their date—exploring some of the Mayan ruins and mixing in some serious chemistry. After talking about what love meant to each of them (awww), Marquel admitted that he thought she may just be the one he was waiting for, and even broke his no-kiss-on-the-first-date rule.

Chris and Elise got back from their date and Elise was allllll smiles—calling her date “magical,” but their date ended on a sour note, with Chris having to go to the hospital for his knee after all. Elise immediately started playing doting wife with Chris, hoping to secure her position for another week with a rose. While Chris was resting, Elise was getting a lecture from Sarah, saying that Elise has fallen so hard for Chris in just two days after Dylan had left. With Chris’ reputation, Sarah was trying to warn Elise to slow down and avoid getting hurt, but Elise was already guzzling the Chris-flavoured kool-aid and not having any of it.

Zack was adorably consoling Clare, who was having a hard time dealing with the impending 10-year anniversary of her father’s death (something that this writer bawled about, with Clare’s story hitting a little too close to home). And while Zack won’t bring her dad back, Zack was very comforting with Clare, showing that he can handle even the rough times—and while the two were cuddling and kissing on the beach, a little “sign” was given to Clare when a sea turtle went to lay some eggs along the shoreline.

AshLee and Graham went on their date, having a romantic dinner, giving Graham an opportunity to finally talk to AshLee and set some ground rules—ie. No naming their children until date three. AshLee was letting her crazy show just a little bit, telling Graham she’d been following him on instagram prior to Paradise, but Graham laid down the law, saying he didn’t want to put too much pressure on “forever,” but it didn’t seem to totally sink in with AshLee. The two were given two keys for two rooms again, but it seemed like Graham didn’t want to cross that line just yet—but had no problem watching AshLee shake it (“six inches to the left, six inches to the right”) in her teeny tiny dress. The night did end with some serious smooching, but Graham pried himself away from her to make sure they didn’t cross any lines just yet.

The cocktail party was getting underway, but the girls were feeling the pressure, knowing two of the eight of them were going home, with the roses coming from the guys this time around. While some of the peeps were very consciously coupled, others were dealing with a grey area, not knowing if a rose was a sure thing or not—like Michelle, Sarah and Danielle. Rob and Sarah sat down, making her feel a bit better about the whole rose situation, but Michelle didn’t seem to want to give up without a fight. Michelle was complaining to everyone about Rob’s lack of attention on her, and the two finally sat down together to see where Rob is at in their relationship (though can you call it that after two days?!). Michelle was honest with him one again, but seemed to be waiting for a reciprocating response from him—which she didn’t get. Clearly Rob was dealing with a Sophie’s Choice situation, but he didn’t give Michelle (or us) any inkling of which way he was swaying. Danielle sat down with Marquel again to reiterate her feelings and Marquel seemed to be into her too, but when he sat down with Jackie, it didn’t seem like Danielle had much of a shot.

Tensions were running high with three ladies on the chopping block—four including Jackie, though she seemed safer than Danielle. The first three couples were no-brainers, but when Marquel came up, a collective sharp breath was taken as we waited for him to choose between Danielle and Jackie—which he obviously chose the latter. Danielle was visibly crushed, but Marquel maintained he had to follow his heart. In a crazy turn of events for Michelle, Rob picked Sarah for his rose, but when Chris went up, shit. hit. the. fan. Chris called Elise up as we all suspected, but instead of offering her the rose, told her he was going home instead and wanted her to follow him home (after three days). Elise gladly accepted, which meant both of them were leaving the show sooner than expected (thank gahd!), prompting (hopefully) the last time we’ll ever have to hear the “rainbow after the storm” analogy from Elise. But before Chris left with Elise on his arm, he gave out his rose to someone he felt who deserved true love—a teary-eyed Michelle. After Chris gave his super sweet speech (his reputation be damned!), almost everyone was wiping up tears. While Elise got whisked away on her happily ever after, Danielle was getting sent home solo. 

Coming up roses:  AshLee (from Graham), Clare (from Zack), Lacy (from Marcus), Jackie (from Marquel), Sarah (from Rob) and Michelle (from Chris)

Paradise pairings:  Elise & Chris B., Marquel & Michelle, Marquel & Danielle, Michelle & Rob (kinda), Sarah & Rob (kinda), Clare & Zack, Jackie & Marquel, AshLee & Graham, Lacy & Marcus.

Kiss count: Elise & Chris, Lacy & Marcus, Jackie & Marquel, Clare & Zack, AshLee & Graham (Episode-5; Season-11)

Late-night date count: Elise & Chris (Episode-1; Season-1)

Cry count: Sarah, Clare, Michelle, Chris (Episode-4; Season-9)

Catfight count: None… for now. 

Stay tuned for next week's two-part recap!

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