14 F*cked Up Things That Happened on Bachelor in Paradise: Season 3, Episode 7

Another week in Paradise. While there are some couples remaining, after the Vinny-Izzy split, we don’t even know what’s real anymore.

1. The episode kicked off with more of Ashley and Caila talking. Caila told Ashley to back off in a very Caila way and referred to her as Jared’s sister, which naturally pissed Ashley right off. After Caila left, Jared went to talk to Ashley and say how he feels, but the moment of Ashley listening had passed and it became all about her again.

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2. Ashley told the cameras that she could get over Jared if she found another guy to replace him then asked her dead dog’s spirit to bring her a guy. And then in came Wells. Sadly, he didn’t hear us yelling “RUN!” at the TV.

3. After everyone begging Wells to take Ashley on a date, he eventually did and the two had tacos and petted a stray dog and then kissed. It was all very meh.

4. Lace flirted with someone in front of Grant and when he (rightfully) confronted her about it, she got mad and somehow managed to flip the onus on him. Grant ended up apologizing to Lace for “overreacting” but Hurricane Grace continued.

5. Nick and Jen wanted to use the “boom boom room” but when Amanda told them it was free because she wanted to sleep in her own bed (instead of with Josh), Josh flipped out and went to wake up a practically snoring Amanda. When she gave a confused response (because she was ASLEEP), Josh’s response was “good talk” because he is the king of understanding.

6. As the rose ceremony was approaching, most of the couples were already a given, except for Daniel who was hoping to secure himself another spot. He tried to woo one of the twins and then Izzy with another lamp (to pull her away from the light that is Ryan and his lamp). It didn’t really go well because it’s Daniel. 7. Amanda and Josh made up after their night of no communication (hi, sleep). They both said they were falling in love with one another. giphy (8)   8. Haley and Emily decided to pull Nick aside to talk about Amanda and the situation that is Josh. Nick, in his best denim shirt, broke it down simply for the twins, expressing his concerns for Josh’s temper and how it’s slowly starting to be directed at Amanda. He also explained that some of the things Andi said about him in her book were accurate, so why would she lie about Josh? 9. During the rose ceremony, all the expected roses were doled out from the ladies to the guys, but when it was time for the twins to give their roses, they announced that they hadn’t found love and had decided to leave Paradise together. We mourned the loss of Haley, Emily and Daniel all at once (oh, and Ryan and Carl).

10. While they offered their tearful goodbyes to the rest of the crew, they also pulled Amanda aside to break down the problem with her moaning, Skittle-eating boyfriend.

11. In an effort to convince everyone that he doesn’t have a temper, Josh confronted the crew to see who told the twins who told Amanda. We finally got somme traction with the Nick-Josh fight and though only words were thrown (and lame ones at that), it was pretty funny to watch.

12. Amanda and Josh discussed their relationship, which somehow ended in Amanda apologizing to Josh.

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13. Jami arrived in Paradise and when she saw that no one else was around, she took her chance to invite Wells (her first choice) on a date. Wells didn’t have time to discuss with Ashley, so she had to hear it from Nick and Jen. We all waited for the eruption, but she insisted she was fine. RIGHT OKAY.

14. Ashley confronted Caila (again) and because Caila is the worst (but like in the exact opposite way that Ashley is the worst), she asked Ashley if she should go home, and then made the decision to go home. Ugh, cliffhangers! (Bless this two-night thang!)

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