How to Inspire a Team

Your team is feeling drab, perhaps beginning to feel the winter blues. They simply aren't doing their best work, even though you know they are capable of much more. Simply put, your team is uninspired. The problem, however, might not be the employees, it might be the management. Go beyond being a boss, be a leader. These few tips will help you inspire your team again, while also helping you find your voice as a great business leader. 

Encourage, don’t dictate.

Give each member of your team their own voice. Make it known that their ideas and input is not just appreciated, but also necessary for your business to succeed. Encourage each person to have their own opinions and make certain decisions without your help. When people know they have unique skills and are a necessary part of the team, they’ll be more motivated and dedicated to the work.

Build an office culture.

Every company has a distinct and unique mission and goal that goes far beyond selling a product. This mission statement should be a large part of your office culture and leaders should constantly remind themselves and their team of what this mission is. Then, a culture will be created around this mission of people who share the same values and goals. Hire those who fit in with this culture and allow employees to feel as though they are part of something bigger.

Don’t just criticize, coach.

Reward and recognize great work. When work isn’t great, you simply can’t let it go. But instead of just offering criticism, coach your team. A great leader is one that recognizes great skills and encourages team members to identify and hone those skills. Encourage continued learning and create an environment where employees are constantly bettering themselves.

Have some fun.

All work and no play is a formula for disaster. Get to know your employees on a social level with regular company outings and activities. Bond with them, talk about things that aren’t work related and remember that there is life outside of the office. Let loose and have some fun! And, show your team that you are more than just their boss.

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