Is Your Summer Fling Worth It?

Summer love is a super romantic idea. The balmy, breezy nights together, the sunny daytrips, the carefree attitude of it all. Having a temporary romance you know won’t work out in the long run can be a lot of fun “ but only if no one gets attached. In that case, your casual romance could cause more trouble than you bargained for. Here are some pros and cons to help sort out if you should call it quits early.


Pure fun. You get to experience all the fun of a relationship, without the responsibilities. This is the biggest draw of a summer fling. If you both know it’s not serious, no one will get emotionally attached. You only rely on each other for fun and fun only. If fun is truly the be-all end-all of what you’re currently looking for in a partner, then your summer fling can definitely deliver.

You make some awesome memories. Dating in the summer can be a great time. Taking advantage of the long days, outdoor concerts, festivals and weekend excursions can no doubt lead to some amazing scrapbook content. Some experiences are meant for lovers, not friends. If you can’t sub a friend in your bucket list activities, a summer fling could work. 

You both agree. If you’re both on the same page, and treat each other with honesty and respect the whole time, you could end up with a great pal you can talk to and have a really good time with.

You have a partner in crime for a little while. Someone to call up if you want company running errands, help hunting for the perfect birthday present, a date for an event or even a drinking buddy. Some activities are just better when you have a plus one in tow.


Hearts could get broken. A no-strings-attached romance is, by nature, risky business. Jealousy creeps in and before you even know it, and one of you can end up acting like you’re in a relationship, or actually falling for the other. We’re not robots. We’re living, feeling humans and we all have egos.

You may end up unfulfilled in the long term. If you’re just settling for this because you’re waiting for Mr. Right to come around, you’re not going to be happy at the end of the day. You’ll just be hurting yourself, and you could end up resenting your temporary partner. Be really honest with yourself and think about why you’re doing this.

You may be compromising yourself. If you’re going along these relationship terms satisfy someone else, or you’re willing to do anything to be with them, even if it means agreeing that the time you spend doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a recipe for heartbreak. In this case, call it quits.

You could be missing out on something better. If you’re not totally stoked about the person you’re spending a ton of your time with, you could be missing out on a world of better people and experiences. Life is too short to stick with something your heart’s not fully into.

It’s always a good idea to look at your motives for having a summer fling. If you’re really and truly unsure about this situation, there’s a reason for your uncertainty. Don’t risk causing yourself or someone else pain if you’re not totally sure it’s a green light for both people involved.



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