Get Out of Your Single Girl Rut

Let’s be honest ladies, there are tons of pros to being single and sexy. Unfortunately, what goes up, must come down¦meaning there are also a ton of cons when it comes to flying solo (for real, who doesn’t need a good cuddle every now and then, right?)

So what do you do when you reach that point where single suddenly doesn’t seem so sexy anymore? How do you get yourself back in the game and ready to meet Mr. Right (or even just Mr. Right Now¦)

This is how…

1. Date. A lot.
The only way you are going to figure out exactly who and what you are looking for is to get out there and start meeting people. Go to happy hours at the local pub, try speed dating, sign up for an online matchmaking site, be willing to be set up. The more often you put yourself out there, doing things and going places you normally wouldn’t, the more opportunity you are creating and the more likely you are to meet the person you could inevitably spend the rest of your life with.

2. Make a list.
While you are out and about make mental notes of the things you like and dislike about your date. When you get home, write them all down, noting which things are “must-have,” which are “deal-breakers”, and which are “could be overlooked”. Keeping an ongoing tally will help you better recognize a good thing when you find it!

3. Prepare for disappointment.
You rarely walk into the dating scene and are lucky enough to land the partner of your dreams on day one. Be realistic about the dating scene, which is rapidly changing in this generation, and know that you will likely have to sit through a lot of TERRIBLE dates before you find yourself sitting across from that one terrific one.

4. Have faith.
There truly is someone out there for everyone. Maybe you aren’t destined to meet him right this second, but keep the faith that you will meet him one day. Until then, go out, meet people, date a few guys “ seriously or not “ and just have fun!

5. Never settle.
After all this hard work, why on earth would you settle for anything less than EXACTLY what you want. Before you get into anything too serious, make sure you know, in your heart and mind, exactly what you want and deserve and do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to settle for anything less than perfection.


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