5 Best Places to Meet a Guy This Summer

The summer is hot and your love life should be too! Between pool parties, trips to the cottage, the beach, and patio hangouts with friends, where are some prime spots to meet eligible men this summer?

1) Baseball Game:

Beer, hot dogs and sports? Of course this is where the men are! The team pride and solidarity at sporting events makes it easy to strike up a conversation with the fans around you. Especially in the nosebleed seats where you are squeezed tightly together and rubbing shoulders. To start the conversation, you can talk about the game! Make a comment about the play, or reach a bit closer to him when you’re ordering a beer in the stands, or offer him a snack. Baseball is a great sport to meet guys because the pace is a bit slower and there are lots of breaks and chances to chat.

2) Music Festivals

Outdoor events are a good place to meet people in your area and music festivals are a particularly great place to meet men because you and they are feeling relaxed. If you’re both fans of the same music, you immediately know you share some common ground! Make eye contact, smile and sway to the music together. If you notice that you are both moving closer together, say hi! Who knows where the music will take you.

3) Team sports leagues

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be athletic. There are great sports and social clubs in most cities that aren’t super competitive and more about enjoying time outdoors, with great company. Check out your local recreational sports leagues and participate in a fun Frisbee game or Volleyball league. That super cute guy…might be on your team! 

4) Dog Parks/ Parks

Going to a dog park or a park is a great place to meet people because everyone is feeling to relaxed. Plus, whether or not you are at the park with your pet, or you lock eyes with a man and his dog, making a comment about the dog is a great ice-breaker! Or better yet, maybe his dog will approach you first.

5) Patio-hopping

The best part about summer is having long sunny days and spending your free time outdoors. Go to your neighborhood bar with your girlfriends, share a pitcher of sangria, mingle with the tables beside you. Be social and have fun. 

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