6 Best Sunburn Cures

Too much time in the sun? We’ve all been there! If you missed that much needed coat of sunblock and you’re lobster red, here are some tips to treat and soothe your burnt skin!

1)    Oatmeal soak:  If your skin is red and inflamed, taking a soak in a cool bath with oatmeal can help calm your irritated skin. Try Aveeno’s soothing oatmeal bath, or blend a cup of oatmeal in a food processor and add to your bath.  The milky consistency of the oatmeal will help coat and moisturize your now sensitive skin.

2)    Aloe Vera: Find 100% pure Aloe Vera which has soothing qualities and can help with inflammation that can result from sun damage. Remember not to rub the Aloe Vera into your skin, but to pat the gloppy gel on top of the burn forming a preventive coating. It prevents skin from drying out, cools down the burn and speeds up healing.

3)    Cold Compress: For temporary relief from the hot hot heat of the burn, apply a cold wet compress to your skin. An ice-pack can also do the trick. It helps numb and give comfort to scorched skin.

4)    Drink LOTS of water: Stay hydrated. Your skin will need moisture to recover and avoid further skin dehydration.

5)    Noxzema: Noxzema was originally created as a sunburn remedy. It contains camphor, menthol, phenol and eucalyptus which can help soothe a burn. The cooling affect can help calm skin. Ensure that you purchase the Noxzema Original cold cream – the tub formula, is the most effective. Apply a thick layer of Noxzema to your skin and let it sit. Do not rinse, allow the cream absorb into your skin and repeat every few hours.

6)    Moisturize: For minor burns (without blisters) apply lots and lots of unscented moisturizer to prevent and lessen the peeling and skin irritation. Cetaphil body lotion, Curel and Aquaphor all have reliable unscented lotions that soothe and coat the skin. 

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