How To Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Salon-Fresh

By Alison McGill

If you colour your hair you know the struggle is real when it comes to fading. It’s especially an issue if you have a statement shade like crackling copper or rich brunette which fade fast and look dull in an instant if you don’t take proper care.

There are several things you can do to prevent your hair colour from oxidizing which is the root cause of fading. Protect your investment and prolong your hue with these five essential colour care tips.

Wait to wash freshly coloured strands
If you can, do not wash your hair until 72 hours post-colour service. This allows time for your hair cuticles to seal and prevent colour from bleeding out too quickly. It’s also better for your scalp which can become aggravated after a chemical service—that small window of wait-to-wash time allows any skin irritation to calm.

Turn down the heat
As in your water temperature, and your hot tools. Wash with cooler water to keep hair cuticles sealed, and if you can tolerate it, finish with a cold rinse after conditioning. Overuse of hot tools can leave your locks looking less than lustrous. Always use a heat protectant with your tools and try to take a break from your blow-dryer and irons at least once a week.

Skip the sulphates
Sulfuric acid is one of the most common ingredients in shampoos and conditioners…and an absolute destroyer of hair colour pigments. While sulfates do help keep locks looking smooth, they also act as a hair colour fade accelerator. Only use cleansing and conditioning products that are colour-safe and sulfate-free. Ask any stylist and this will be their top hair colour care tip!

Detox your hair
The newest and most innovative category of colour care products focus on protecting your hair from metal particles like copper which can be deposited into strands when you wash. As water interacts and erodes metal piping, traces of that metal can build up and penetrate your hair fibers. By keeping metal out, you preserve colour and increase shine.

Cover up
Overexposure to sunlight can cause hair colour to dramatically fade and turn brassy. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside, use a leave-in treatment with SPF which will protect hair. Even better, wear a hat or scarf to keep hair fully shielded from UV rays.

Must-Have Colour Care Products
We guarantee these will help with hair colour preservation.

The Essential Shampoo
This plant-powered cleanser keeps colour looking vibrant and fresh until your next salon visit. Use with Aveda’s Color Control Conditioner and Leave-In-Treatment for the ultimate colour preservation system.
Aveda Color Control Shampoo, $41 for 200ml,

The Pro-Endorsed Heat Protectant
A classic loved by the world’s best stylists; this thermal spray offers hair incredible heat protection up to 450F degrees. Spritz on before using curling or flat irons for incredible shine and texture control.
Redken Thermal Spray High Hold, $25,

The Viral Detoxifying Hair Oil
This TikTok beauty sensation should be applied to clean damp hair to protect from harmful metal deposits. You’ll notice not only does your colour stay fresher, but your locks look smoother and feel healthier.
L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Metal Detox Oil, $43 for 50ml,

The Pre-Cleanse Serum
We love this pre-shampoo treatment because helps to seal your hair cuticle and balance PH to prevent fading. Apply before cleansing, leave in up to two-minutes, rinse, then shampoo as normal with a colour-safe formula.
Amika: Fadeblock, $36 for 150ml,

The Sun-Safe Styling Cream
Kérastase Soleil is the gold standard in SPF haircare with this product being an absolute all-star. Use on wet or dry hair to style and control frizz; also did we mention the tuberose scent is sublime?
Kérastase Soleil Crème UV Sublime Hair Cream $50 for 150ml,

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