3 Easy Hangover Cures

The best hangover cure is always to sleep it off, but sometimes you go a little too crazy at Thursday night happy hour (Oh, admit it) and you still have a full day of work ahead of you. So what can you do to ease the pain just enough to make it to 5pm?

Drink more water

It is ideal if you drink water throughout the ,and chug a huge glass before you go to bed, but sometimes that plan doesn't exactly work out. If you couldn't even make it to the washroom to take off your makeup, and you fell asleep in your jeans, forcing yourself to drink a bunch of water probably wasn't in the cards either. If you had a late night partying and drank a little too much (Oh, vodka!), now's the time to reach for that tall glass of water and don’t stop drinking until you start feeling better. Alcohol dehydrates your body and replenishing it will help kick those hangover side effects to the curb. You can also try a sports drink like Gatorade to help replenish your electrolytes and replace the salts your body has lost. It's all about replacing the nutrients all that booze eliminated, and water should be first on your list.

Load Up on Carbs

Again, eating a good meal before drinking is the best way to prevent a hangover, but if you drank more than you expected, make sure to have a big breakfast. There is a reason Sunday brunch is one of the busiest times at your favourite diner. For once, carbs are your best friend! Although a heavy meal may completely turn you off the next morning, try your best to swallow a few bites of carbohydrates to help increase your energy levels, ease your stomach and fight off that hangover. This is likely the only time you can convince yourself that bacon, eggs, potatoes, and pancakes are good for your health.

Turn to Over-the-Counter Medications

When worse comes to worse and nothing else seems to be working, anti-nausea pills and headache meds are sure to curb your symptoms and help you get the rest you need to regain your strength and face the day. Sometimes it takes awhile for the alcohol to really work it's way out of your system, so ease the discomfort with a couple pills if you don't have time to lie in bed all day watching reruns of The Vampire Diaries. 

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