How To Run in the Cold

Have you ever wondered about those Spandex-clad crazies running down the street in the middle of a blizzard? For the truly dedicated runners, here are a few tips and tricks to running in the frigid cold without getting pneumonia “ and why, contrary to what might seem like common sense, it actually is a good idea!

Learn How To Layer

Keeping warm is all about layering. Your first layer should be thin and highly breathable. A material like polypropylene will help wick sweat away from your body and prevent you from getting chilled. Your second layer should be thicker and warmer, like fleece. Finally, your third layer should be a waterproof, wind-resistant jacket to protect you from the elements.

Wear Proper Shoes

Even if you are only running on the road or sidewalk, trailer runners are often best for the icy, snowy terrain of winter. Their bumpy, ridged soles will give you much better grip than flat, smooth-soled running shoes. For added traction, you can even buy rubber and coiled steel grippers that you attach to the bottom of your running shoe. Yaktrax are a popular brand among subzero runners.

Adorn for Warmth

As much as 40% of your body heat is lost through your head and another 30% is lost through your hands and feet. So, make sure to wear a hat, a neck gaiter, mittens and even a balaclava. (We know that neck gaiters and balaclavas are a far cry from sexy. Deal with it.) You can also tuck disposable hand warmers, such as HotHands, into your gloves. They may even become your knew best friends.

Warm Up First

Before you head into the arctic-like climate, warm up indoors. Do a few minutes of stretching to prevent muscle injury and a few minutes of moderate exercise to raise your body temperature. (Just don’t let it prolong actually going for your run.)  

Stay Hydrated

Just because it isn’t hot out, doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water! Believe it or not, running in the winter will still make you sweat so you still need to hydrate.

Safety First

As everybody knows, winter means shorter, darker days. If you have to run in the dark, it is important to make yourself visible to vehicles on the road. Lululemon carries adorable running jackets in hot pink and electric purple “ and they even have 360° reflectivity bands! Who knew safety could be so cute?

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