5 Major Mistakes Keeping You From Losing Weight

Every year you make the same resolution “ you’re finally going to lose those pesky last five pounds. And every December you realize they’ve somehow stuck around for another 365 days. It just seems like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to shed those pounds. But guess what? We’re here to tell you about five things you might be doing (without even realizing) that are sabotaging your ability to lose weight. 

You’re overeating your healthy choices

Just because you bring a huge salad full of fresh veggies, lean protein and a dressing made with healthy fats does not make it a healthy meal. Make sure you know the proper portion sizes for your calorie intake level and stick with them. And have no fear, you can still eat the right amount and still feel satisfied while losing weight.

You don’t drink enough water

Diet soda seems like the logical choice when you’re on a diet¦right? Wrong. Water is literally your bodies best defense against weight gain and is essential in weight loss. Drinking cold water throughout the day can not only sped up your metabolism but it also helps to prevent you from over eating because you’ll already feel fuller.

Your wardrobe is tricking you

Just because you don’t feel overly comfortable in tight clothes right now, wearing attire that is more form-fitting to your figure can actually help you have a better self-awareness of your body and will help motivate you on those days when you can’t quite get up the motivation to hit the gym.

You exercise on an empty stomach

No, no, no, no. We really cannot say no enough here. Research has shown that when you go into a workout without anything in your stomach that your body will burn calories from muscle instead of calories from fat (which is where you want them to come from!) Mow down on a quick, healthy snack of around 100-150 calories before any workout¦ always.

You aren’t smart with your calories

You eat a teeny breakfast and an average lunch with no snack in between just so that you can splurge in the evening and have that hearty dinner you’ve been thinking of all day. The idea might seem to make logical sense but in reality it is a disaster. Withholding necessary calories at mealtimes (and snacks) will not only slow down your metabolism but can also cause you to excessively overeat when the end of the day comes around.

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