10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 1

Well, kids. It’s finally here”The Bachelor is back for its twentieth season and it’s bringing Ben with it. Remember Ben? Sure you do. Handsome, sexy, awesome, NORMAL Ben Higgins. At least that’s what we think for now¦ since you know this is going to be the most dramatic season yet we’ll have to see if he ends up being a douche, a dud or just totally duped.

1. Ben has a fear of being unlovable. Come on, Ben. Have you seen yourself?

bachelor ben higgins

2. Three Bachelors came back to give Ben some advice (including unmarried Farmer Chris) on how to compartmentalize his feelings for each of the girls and warned him on one surefire way to piss off the women really fast (kiss one in front of the others or just kiss them all), but didn’t warn him on how to weed out the crazies early in the game.

3. The handful of questionable contestants (who, let’s be real, are just here to make good tv): The twins listed their profession as twins, Tara the chicken enthusiast, Caila who dumped her boyfriend after seeing Ben on Kaitlyn’s season and just had to have him and Olivia who left her full-time job as a news anchor to be there.

4. Lace came in and stole the first kiss before Ben even had a chance to determine that she was crazy (spoiler: she probably is).

5. Breanne called gluten Satan. YOU’RE SATAN, BREANNE. BREAD IS LIFE. gluten 6. With every season that passes, the competition gets more and more fierce, especially when Mandi (the one that showed up as the real-life first impression rose) immediately stole Ben at the beginning of the cocktail party and then proceeded to give him a quick dental exam (not kidding).

7. In a shocking turn of events, two past contestants (Becca the virgin and Amber, both from Chris’ season) showed up and pissed off all the ladies, particularly shade-throwing Lace who said let’s be honest, who wants a fucking virgin? giphy (1) 8. In an even more shocking turn of events, a girl got shit-faced on the first night (Lace, duh) and threw a temper tantrum when she didn’t get a second kiss but somehow still wedged another compliment from Ben and then bragged about it. Classy.

giphy (2)

9. Ben gave the first impression rose to Olivia (not the totally fucked up part, even though he called her brave for taking a risk and leaving her full time job), but after the rose ceremony when Lace got called last, she had another temper tantrum and wanted to talk to Ben again because she was upset because he didn’t even look at her during the rose ceremony. Even Ben was like WTF and we got the line of the season from Caila: #50SHADESOFCRAZY.

10. Ben gave roses to Lace (he’s gonna regret that decision), Mandi (just weird), Laura and three of the four Laurens around, which means he’s going to have to figure out a better system to remember who is who. Good luck, buddy. We can’t even keep them straight.

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