The Worst Fad Diets. Do They Work in a Pinch?

Fad diets are usually just low calorie diets with a weird ingredient or forbidden food thrown in to give them a different spin. They are horrible when it comes to nutritional value, and no one should follow a fad diet for long. That being said, however, every now and then a girl needs to drop a few pounds quick. As in – it is imperative that you fit into those jeans or that dress. So while no one should stick to a fad diet for more than a few days, sometimes one can be a quick short-term weight loss solution. Take a look at some of the worst fad diets ever, and if you need to drop a few pounds, and can stomach things like cabbage soup or lemonade mixed with cayenne pepper, give one a try.

The Three Day Diet. This crazy diet, which actually allows two beef franks and a half cup of vanilla ice cream for dinner on day three, can take off some weight in just three days. You’ll also find yourself eating things such as 5 saltines, 2 boiled eggs, and other interesting combinations of food. If you need to drop a few pounds quick to squeeze into your skinny jeans, try this fad diet and see if it works.

The Lemonade Diet. This fad diet is really bad. You mix lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper (that’s not a typo) and water all together and drink it all day long. Please do not try this diet for more than a day (or two if you’re really desperate to lose a little weight.) This fad diet is essentially a cheap alternative to all those cleansing diets, etc. that are sold in markets and drug stores. This diet provides zero by way of nutritional value, so again, just try it for a day or two for weight loss.

The Cabbage Soup Diet. Basically this diet consists of making a huge vat of soup out of a whole head of cabbage and various other vegetables. You can then eat this soup whenever you’re hungry, and also follow a bizarre set of daily rules (one day you eat nothing but fruit, one day you eat nothing but vegetables, one day it’s skim milk and bananas.) This fad diet can help jump start your weight loss because the soup really will fill you up and keep you from eating much more.

Israeli Army Diet. Which, interestingly enough, has no connection to the Israeli Army. Or Israel. Or armies. But “ it can help you drop a few pounds quickly. To follow this fad diet, eat one type of food for two days. The first two days eat only apples, the second two days eat only cheese, the third two days eat only chicken, and if you’ve made it that far please stop. This fad diet sounds very bizarre but people have experienced success with it “ you can only eat so many apples in one day, right? So you’re bound to lose some weight. Again, this diet weighs in at a big zero on the nutritionally sound scale, but trying it for a few days won’t hurt. 

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