Avoiding Springtime Allergy Breakouts

With the dawn of April upon us, it’s only a matter of time before the dryness of winter transitions into spring days spent popping Claritin and cursing blossoming trees. So before you’re sentenced to Kleenex, nasal spray and hoarse voices, here’s how you can prevent the springtime allergy breakout and enjoy the warmth of the season.


It may seem like common sense, but to purge your house of allergens by vacuuming, Swiffering and keeping things clean will rid your space of built-up dust and furnace aftermath. While filters succeed in preventing certain contaminants from entering your home’s air flow, the recycled air can still become stale and carry the dust and particles throughout your building. Thus, take spring clean to new heights. On top of the obvious (floors, shelves, carpet), focus on blinds, window ledges and knick-knacks themselves “ especially since dusty build-up can lead to irritation on top of the seasonal allergies you’re already prone to.


If your allergies are severe enough to warrant a monthly injection, make sure your doctor checks up on your allergies to ensure that you’re still suffering from the same ones. It may seem like common sense, but allergy treatment can become a habit, and if you think your symptoms may be changing “ or have changed in recent months “ it’s important to ask questions. After all, you never know: your allergies may have diminished, or they may be on the road to needing an alternative altogether.


You changed the filters in November, so you’re set for spring too, right? Wrong. If you’re super-sensitive to dust and miscellaneous particles, it’s smart for you to change filters again in the spring, and to check the air conditioner come summertime “ especially if pollution, heat and humidity contribute to your allergy symptoms. Filters are relatively easy to change, but if you’re not entirely sure, make sure to consult a professional for assistance. They may even be able to recommend a hypoallergenic alternative to the standard air filter, or a treatment method for recycled air during the hot summer months.


You may have spring-cleaned, changed filters and made your injection appointment, but when it comes to maintaining your anti-allergy regimen, it’s smart to monitor your symptoms and to maintain consistency in your prevention methods. One major clean won’t ward of allergies forever, and ignoring new symptoms or hiding them through allergy medicine (without the recommendation of a doctor) may be prolonging your grief “ or masking an entirely different condition. Common sense as it may seem, it’s smart to remain consistent when warding off allergies “ especially if it’s working to ward off a season of grief.

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