The Best Springtime Teas

It may not kick off until Sunday, but the combination of above-zero degree temperatures and extra sunlight has cemented the fact that spring has indeed sprung, and the days of snowstorms, parkas and windchill advisories are officially behind us (or so we tell ourselves). So in the spirit of added hours and an abundance of seasonal joy, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite springtime teas that encompass all that the season has to offer “ in hot water form. Enjoy!

What: Goji

Our recommendation: Goji Pop (David’s Tea)

Spring equals fresh, and luckily for us, the masterminds at David’s Tea took the magic of freshness incarnate (aka goji berries) and combined it with melon, lemon, apple, marigold and hibiscus to create a pink brew that tastes just as good over ice as it does in a travel mag. Rich in vitamin C and caffeine-free, you can feel just as rejuvenated drinking this as you would the elixir of life. (Which is especially appropriate since 250-something-year-old Li Ching-Yun was rumoured to have treasured the goji berry in the 1600s. Thus explaining his legendary old age.)

What: Peppermint

Our recommendation: Refresh (Starbucks/Tazo)

You may think of Christmas when you hear peppermint, but poured over ice or served after a meal, peppermint tea is the perfect gateway into the wide world of refreshments and settled stomachs. A jack of all trades, when paired with chamomile, peppermint boasts a relaxing effect, while when infused with spearmint, it creates a dynamic flavor that rejuvenates without the effects of caffeine. (And you thought giving up coffee for 40 days was going to be difficult.)

What: Matcha Green

Our recommendation: Superior Matcha (Teaopia)

We all know that green tea boasts superior detoxifying qualities, boosts up your immune system and gives you a push that’s usually reserved for a cup of espresso, but in a concentrated amount, green tea can also beef up your digestive system and generally make you feel amazing. Cue: matcha “ concentrated green tea in powder form that contains high amounts of chlorophyll (thus especially appropriate for springtime) and can be served on its own, or mixed into a smoothie. True, it’s got an exceptionally green taste, but infused into a tea latte or a cold shake, it’s the perfect way to encompass the fertility of spring while warding off the seasonal cold.

What: Hibiscus

Our recommendation: Pink Flamingo (David’s Tea)

Hibiscus isn’t just a flower anymore: brewed, the herb can lower blood pressure and assist with weight loss, and infused with citrusy fruits or (in David’s Tea’s case) apples and carrots, it can help round out a dose of vitamin C and freshness, embodying the warmth and sunshine of spring in only a single cup. Feeling daring? Make it the mixer: combining it with contreau and gin, served over ice, you may not retain the qualities that make it a health drink, but you can give the spontaneity of those Bailey’s commercials a run for their money.

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