5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Even though we’ve all heard the advice about drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, it’s a hard habit to form”especially with the temptation of sugary soft drinks or the caffeine jolt of your favourite latte. But water’s benefits are so numerous that you’re doing your body a great disservice if you’re not drinking enough.

Here are five powerful reasons to up your water quantity:

It can help you lose weight: Ditch your soda, fruit juice, smoothies or alcohol and instead, have plain water”you’ll automatically save on calories. (After all, water is calorie-, fat-, sugar- and carb-free!) But that’s not all. Water can help suppress your appetite too. Often, we mix up our body’s signals, mistaking hunger for thirst. The next time you’re tempted to snack, have a glass of water first, and then see if you’re still hungry.

It hydrates your skin: Chronic dehydration spells trouble for your skin. Although you shouldn’t expect immediate results, increasing your water consumption will, over time, help diminish dullness and give your skin a natural glow. Water also helps carry toxins and waste materials out of the body that can otherwise lead to skin problems, such as acne.

It gives you an energy boost: Always tired? Check how much water you’re drinking”even mild dehydration can be a serious drain on your energy levels.

It combats aches and pains: Did you know that one major cause of headaches (including migraine headaches) is dehydration? Drinking more water can help alleviate symptoms and ward off future inflammation. It also helps with low back pain and arthritis.

It relieves asthma: Bet you didn’t know that asthma can be a complication of dehydration. When the body is dealing with drought conditions, it tends to restrict the free passage of air so that the water doesn’t leave the body. Increasing your intake can help prevent attacks.

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