The Bachelorette Episode 7 Recap: Mussels in Brussels!

The Bachelorette is in Brussels! Hanging in the “melting pot” that is making Andi so giddy, she’s also ready to get down to business since this is the last week of dates before hometowns—something Andi doesn’t want to mess around with.

While the guys checked out their sweet digs, Chris Harrison paid them a visit and gave them a bit of a pep talk about the whole situation—even though it seemed like he put more of the pressure on instead. Already, Nick and Josh seemed to get the competition going—Andi is all of their priorities, but the competition is fierce. Chris did let the guys know that there would be no rose on the two one-on-one dates, but there would be one on the group date—so what do the guys want? A shot at a rose or alone time with Andi? Before leaving, Chris left the date card, sending Marcus on the first solo date of the week.

Marcus and Andi started their date exploring Brussels—and didn’t skimp out on the chocolate. When Andi and Marcus sat down, she called him on wanting to leave last week—while he did admit it, he said it was because he was feeling so emotional about her and that he’s in love with her—but isn’t going anywhere. Andi was all smiles and seemed happy as a clam, which obviously showed because Marcus even felt like she was his girlfriend—especially with the kisses. As if they didn’t sample enough of the local cuisine, Andi took Marcus for a super romantic dinner at the Academy Palace. Andi jumped right in asking about who she would be meeting if she went to his hometown and Marcus opened up to Andi about his dad leaving and how it’s affected him. It seemed really hard for him to open up, but it was apparent that Marcus was comfortable with Andi and she was her naturally charming self and just seemed to fall a little harder for him the more he talked about his past and his family life. She admitted that even though there was no rose on their date that she was excited to meet his family—maybe—just maybe—Marcus was safe. Their date finished off with some seeeeerious kissing against a wall and Andi even called Marcus “the whole package.”

Back at the hotel, Josh got the second one-on-one date, unnerving some of the guys, and kicking Nick back into competition mode for the only rose during the dates. When Marcus got back and was visibly happy from his date, Nick decided to be “romantic” as well and go sneak up and surprise Andi in her hotel room. Nick just couldn’t stand someone else getting her attention and did what any “normal” guy would do… right? He went down to the front desk, saying he forgot his room key and his room number, but his room was under his wife’s name, Andi Dorfman. AND THE RECEPTIONIST BELIEVED HIM. This is how murders happen, people! When he got up to Andi’s room, she was kind of bewildered (duh), but she agreed to go for a walk with him. Strolling hand-in-hand, Andi and Nick went and chatted and ignored all the rules and even justified his general creepiness saying that it’s week seven and they should totally “go for it.” Nick was definitely putting on the charm and Andi was totally guzzling that kool-aid, describing their relationship as one with “passion,” (but not logic—we get that now). They did lots of late-night smooching on the streets of Brussels and Nick seemed pretty content that he took that chance—even though he was going to go back to a room of pissed guys.

On Andi’s date with Josh, he met her with tons of kisses, but Andi was still concerned that Josh wasn’t “there yet” because he wasn’t really telling her how he was feeling. Andi and Josh were definitely having fun, but she was realizing that she had a couple of guys (Nick and Marcus) who were thinking marriage, but she needed to know if Josh was feeling the same way and if he could really express himself to her. Having dinner in a castle, Andi was hoping that Josh would open up to her a little bit—otherwise she wasn’t sure if she could go to his hometown. Andi tried to pry him open a little bit—and he kinda did, playing a bit more jealousy on Andi that he didn’t like seeing her talk to other guys and thought the lie detector stuff made him think she didn’t trust him. Josh opened up about his family, giving Andi that little push she needed—especially when he finally said that he was falling in love with her and was taking this really seriously. The words that she’d been waiting to hear all night long were finally said and Andi finally got the confirmation she needed from Josh.

The last date card had, of course, the remaining four guys: Nick, Dylan, Brian and Farmer Chris and immediately Nick started his general douchery saying he couldn’t wait to never do this again. Okay Nick. We get it. YOU HATE GROUP DATES. GET OVER IT. The first thing we heard from Nick at the group date: “My feelings about group dates haven’t changed.” WE GET IT. YOU’RE A MAN-CHILD AND LIKE ATTENTION. But, there was a rose on the line and we really did not want Nick to get it, so gunning for ANY of the other three guys (more just to piss off Nick than anything else). Riding on some rail bikes in the Belgian countryside, most of the guys were good sports about the whole situation. Andi took the guys to a real working monastery, and, of course, there was a no-kissing rule. Andi left the rose just hanging out on the table—just to get the guys sweating a little bit. Farmer Chris got Andi’s first slice of time and they went to a pottery barn—outside of the gates, so kissing was okay—and it was basically a steamy scene from Ghost. Andi dropped the bomb on the guys that not only was the rose determining a guaranteed home date, but whichever lucky guy got the rose, got to have an extended one-on-one date while the other guys had to go back to the hotel. Everyone basically hates Nick (shocker) because he played the cocky Captain Obvious and was strategizing way too much and was once again accused of being arrogant. Brian wanted the chance to show Andi how he really felt and told her straight up, no frills, no beating around the bush that he was flat out falling in love with her. He was saying alllll the right things and seemed like he might have one himself a spot in hometown dates. And then Nick’s “charm” just kept on going saying that it was him and no one else—he basically had no competition. Vommmmmmit. But when Nick got some alone time with Andi, she guzzle-guzzle-guzzled that kool-aid yet again. While they weren’t allowed to kiss and Andi couldn’t tell Nick that she was falling in love with him too, she basically said it without saying it by giving him the damn group date rose. The remaining three dejected guys went back to the hotel looking less than content with Andi’s decision—especially considering their negative feelings about Nick.

After the guys left, Andi and Nick started their mini one-on-one date, but that didn’t stop the other guys from talking smack (and logic) about Nick back at the hotel. There was so much smooching on this date, along with smooth talking and Andi was just eating. it. up. But back at the hotel, when Nick returned, it was awkward as hell. For a good three minutes no one spoke—until Brian finally did. Once Brian got the ball rolling, the guys let Nick on how they really feel. Marcus said he didn’t trust Nick saying that he was playing the game all too well—and Farmer Chris even asked if Andi was the priority or “winning the game,” and all the guys agreed that Nick talks far more about strategy than about Andi and how he feels about her. He dissects each of the date cards, how each date is going to play out—and even who the next Bachelor is going to be. Nick just didn’t care and was going to keep on keeping on the way he was with Andi—I mean, why wouldn’t he? He already has a rose and a secured hometown date, but the other guys were not happy, seeing something that Andi was clearly missing.

The cocktail party was going to be a bit intense, with five of six guys still trying to secure their place at next week’s hometown dates. Andi admitted after having solo dates with Josh and Marcus, she could see herself going to visit their families, but she still wasn’t sure where she was headed with the guys. The charm was at an all-time high at this cocktail party, while Dylan questioned whether these last-minute conversations would even make a difference in Andi’s mind. Farmer Chris laid all of his cards out on the table, telling her that he’s totally falling in love with her and basically poured out his heart to her. Nick tried to get some extra time in with Andi even though he already had a rose—bascially a douchebag move. We all know this. BUT, he did get super emotional when talking to the cameras about bringing Andi home to his family. Maybe it’s not an act? Still not convinced. Making sure he really left his mark, Farmer Chris took Andi out for one last smooch under the stars, warranting a “You go, Farmer!” from Andi.

Once the rose ceremony started, tensions were seriously running high, the guys knowing that two of them were going home while Nick was feeling smug and secure. In the end, Dylan and Brian got sent home without Andi, while the other four were going home, but knowing that their beloved would be meeting up with them and their families soon. While some guys deserved to be there more than others (ahem, Nick), it sucked seeing Brian going home (he clearly liked her), though it was apparent there wasn’t much there with Dylan. It was an emotional goodbye for all parties involved and Dylan even had some regrets for not opening up with Andi sooner. Alas, good guys always finish last.

Stay tuned for next week’s hometown dates with Nick, Josh, Marcus and Farmer Chris!

Coming up roses: Nick, Josh, Marcus, Farmer Chris.
Kiss count:  Marcus, Nick, Josh, Farmer Chris (Episode – 4, Season – 22) 
Bachelors to watch:  The remaining four! (But keep the peepers on Nick)

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