10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Season 12, Episode 8

If there is one episode we all look forward to each season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette it is hometown dates. Why? This is when some of the most iconic moments of the reality show go down. They usually involved scary older brothers, exes coming out of the woodwork, dark family secrets revealed, and epic drunk moms. It is also the date that changes the vibe of each relationship to a much more serious one as families are now involved. Last night on JoJo’s hometown dates there wasn’t too much drama, until… the rose ceremony (if you weren’t screaming at the TV like we were you have a very, very cold heart):

1. Chase lives atop a beautiful mountain in the Arctic. Not really, but the epic views on his date were reason alone to marry him. Green screen?!

2. Chase has never told anyone he loves them. Because of his parent’s difficult divorce, Chase has decided not use the L word until he really means it. And well¦. Apparently he means it. He told JoJo he loved her just before sending her off to her next hometown date. Aww!

3. Jordan’s entire hometown date seemed to revolve around his strained relationship with his famous football playing brother, Aaron Rodgers. Why JoJo is so adamant about bringing up the topic, over and over again, on the date when it is so obviously painful is questionable.

4. Jordan was apparently a spicy child who used to try and run away and apparently once kicked his teacher. Yikes.

5. JoJo reveals to all of us that she wants to tell Jordan she loves him but she is scared to because of what happened to her on Ben’s season (when he told both her and Lauren he loved them).

6. Robby, who we just have a bad gut feeling about, promises JoJo at the start of his hometown date that although his relationship with his ex was recent, it is very much done in his mind. But, JoJo must have the same gut feeling because although she is falling in love with him (how?!) and he’s told her he loves her, she feels like it all happening too fast.

7. Of course, she should have trusted that gut feeling because once they are at Robby’s parents home his mom reveals to him some rumours that his ex’s roommate spread that he broke up with her to go on the show. Which doesn’t surprise us one bit.

8. In order to quickly nip the situation in the bud he decided to tell JoJo about the rumours before she hears them herself. We see JoJo’s wheels start turning and all those worries she had hours ago come back to the surface. Although all the red flags are right there in front of her, she decides to trust Robby (MISTAKE) and ends the date making out.

9. Luke surprises JoJo by inviting 50 of his closest friends to his hometown date. JoJo is noticeably put back by this. I mean, that is super overwhelming for anyone. The date however is super romantic and Luke comes off as the most trustworthy and stable of the final four guys. Major husband goals.

10. In a shocking turn of events we find out at the final rose ceremony that JoJo plans to send Luke home. (IS SHE INSANE?) And keep the other three fuckboys (sorry, that’s rude but¦ you know it’s true). BUT, just before she hands out her first rose, Luke takes her aside and tells her he loves her. Now JoJo is super confused and just before going back into the rose ceremony she breaks down¦ TO BE CONTINUED!

Next week we’ll be recapping the overnight dates with the final three and The Men Tell All! Which means Chad is back!!!

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