10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Season 12, Episode 2

Here’s where the fun really starts! We’ve weeded out the wieners (or at least the ones JoJo could spot at first glance) and we’re moving on to the first official dates of the season. Yes, there was drama.

1. Before the first group date of the season, JoJo came out in a firefighter ensemble, which prompted all the worst fire-related puns you can imagine. Grant won the firefighter challenge (which is good because he’s a firefighter and might have gotten fired otherwise) and got himself a smooch. Since the sympathy hang is a real thing on this show, Wells also got some more one-on-one time after his little lightheaded moment during the challenge.

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2. While the group date was happening, the remaining dudes made a song(?) and Chad thought it was weird. (It was, but Chad is too, sooooooo.) Luke kissed JoJo and it looked a little awkward and his hand covering her face totally gave us a flashback Friends moment.


3. While JoJo was on her first one-on-one date with Derek (yum, yes they totally kissed), they chatted about past relationships (drink every time JoJo says Ben told her he loved her) and then we found out that Derek’s ex cheated on him (rude, he’s so hot), so he of course got the a rose so he wouldn’t have to get sent home, natch.

4. Back at the hotel, Chad and some other dude were rocking matching black tanks talked about how the nice guys are actually assholes and he, the guy that only sounds like an asshole, is a nice guy. Then Chad asked something about the other dudes and making a protein shake and we stopped listening.

5. Jordan, Christian, Nick, James T., Alex and Chad were listed for the next group date, leaving three guys without dates this week. Chad immediately told the other guys you’ve gone this long without a date with JoJo, so you can’t wait another day? Bro, no.

6. Shit got especially awkward when the guys all had to do a sports-related challenge and then had to fake propose to JoJo and Chad called her “naggy.” Then when they all had to do a fake press conference (does it look as weird as it feels typing it?), all the guys jumped all over Chad (duh) and the basically said that he’s not going to say he’s in love with JoJo yet or that she’s the best girl he’s ever met. Yikes.

7. When the guys were ranked by the sportscasters, Chad got second (wut?) and when the challenge was over, all the guys all aired out their dramz, but Chad insisted he was the only “honest” one.

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8. Chad got some solo time with JoJo (blech) and gave his sad story about his mom passing away (kidding, this is never easy), and he almost, almost sounded genuine. Then, of course, he got a kiss. Thankfully, James T. got the rose (hallelujah emoji) and not Chad, but he seems to have solidified his spot for another week.

9. In true creeper fashion, Chad was waiting for JoJo before the cocktail party with a glass of wine (don’t drink it gurl) to get some alone time (and a kiss). Of course, this kicked all the other guys into gear to get solo time and for them to confront Chad about his douche move.

10. Alex, Christian, Luke, Chase, Jordan, Grant, Ali, Daniel (we haven’t heard anything from this guy tonight), James T., Nick, Vinny, Evan and Chad (yup) all got roses this week, sending some pretty pissed guys home, including the “Bachelor superfan,” who obviously doesn’t get the game.

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