10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelorette: Season 12, Episode 6

Le sigh. Just when we thought the boy drama was done.

1. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, JoJo took Wells on a one-on-one date in hopes that he’d finally be able to seal the deal and kiss since he was the only guy who hadn’t smooched JoJo yet. The guys all made it even more awkward and put the pressure on so that when Wells finally went in for the kill, it was the most underwhelming kiss in Bachelor history.


2. Of course, after some time alone at dinner that showed the two have absolutely nothing in common, JoJo waved the date rose in front of Wells’ face as she sent him packing. Sorry, Wells.

3. Jordan, James Taylor, Alex, Robby and Luke went on the group date and (shocker) it was a sports date again. The crew walked around town and then played soccer for kisses and it was surprisingly James Taylor that scored.

4. Later in the evening, things got really steamy between JoJo and the world’s slowest kisser, Luke (but she liked it? Still confused”looked uncomfortable). James Taylor baited out Jordan and his made-up poker rules and everyone wore matching leather jackets. It was all very strange.

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5. JoJo confronted Jordan about being entitled and he gave the best line of the night by saying he didn’t know what that meant. Of course, after Jordan confronted James and it was all a little lame, but Alex was enjoying the drama way too much. Apparently it was all too much for JoJo because she gave the rose to Luke bringing him one step closer to the fantasy suite (which is where that kiss was headed anyway, TBH).

6. Before Derek and Chase headed on the two-on-one date, Derek made a joke about one of them leaving and Chase called it attitude when he was clearly just trying to lighten the mood.

7. One their awkward two-on-one date, JoJo took the guys “tangoing” and threw around words like “passion” pretty loosely as it was all a bit of a snooze until after the dancing ended.

8. JoJo had a steamy moment with Derek who said he was falling in love with her, making it even more difficult for Chase who tried to open up saying he was “starting to feel things.” JoJo confronted him about his lack of interest in her and the process, which he obviously defended, and, because JoJo likes guys that she has to drag validation out of them, she sent Derek home in tears while “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” played in the background.

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9. After we finally dried our tears, we moved onto the cocktail party, where Jordan immediately took JoJo aside to try and get himself back in her good books saying all the right things. All the guys were on their A-game, except for Alex, who decided “I’m right here, I’m waiting,” was a better plan.

10. In a weird turn of events when we thought (prayed) two guys were getting sent home, instead JoJo gave “pity roses” (Alex’s words, not mine) to Alex and James, keeping all the guys for another week. LAME.

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