Feel Good Food for Under 300 Calories

Sometimes a girl just wants something to eat that tastes good “ ice cream, cookies, pasta, whatever. You’re looking for a food that is tasty and comforting, often a food that reminds you of childhood or a happy memory. Unfortunately, many feel good foods are also laden with calories and fat, so any joy you get out of eating them quickly dissipates from regret. It’s okay to indulge every now and then, of course, but sometimes you don’t want to deviate from your diet too much. The good news is that there are plenty of feel good foods out there that can make you happy for less than 300 calories. That’s certainly not an amount for you to get upset over (unlike the 1,000 calorie plus burger and fries from your favorite fast food joint.) Just take a look at the food below and see if any of them can provide you with your feel good fix!

Breakfast sandwich
Fry up an egg, melt one ounce of cheddar cheese on a light English muffin and put them together for a 270 calorie breakfast sandwich that is sure to make you feel good. This is a great snack anytime, not just for breakfast.

Soup and toast
Most soups (excluding the cream based ones) are ridiculously low in calories (chicken noodle soup is only 70 calories a cup.) Fix yourself a bowl of soup, toast some light whole wheat bread and treat yourself to a meal that will fill you up and make you feel good.

Cook up a cup of penne pasta and mix plain tomato sauce with sauté©ed zucchini and mushrooms. Sprinkle fresh parmesan cheese on top and you have a hearty, tasty food that is only about 250 calories.

Baked potato 
This is always a great comfort food, and without the sour cream and butter a baked potato is only about 150 calories. Melt an ounce of cheddar cheese on it and top it with salsa for an amazing feel good food that you won’t have to hit the gym to burn off.

Burger (Almost)
Spread some hummus (about two spoonfuls) inside a whole wheat pita, grill up some mushrooms and peppers, and add in a veggie patty. This 300-calorie dish is hearty and will really fill you up (and it tastes terrific!)

Feeling sweet?
A slice of cake or cheesecake that is about two inches wide near the crust will give you about 300 calories worth of sweet treat.  You can also sample three one-inch squares of fudge or two cookies and still stay under the 300 calorie range. How’s that for feel good food?

Sweet but virtuous?
Blend a cup of light vanilla yogurt with a cup of your favorite berries and a cup of Fiber One cereal. The crunchy, fruity sweetness of this 270 calorie treat is sure to make you feel good!

Fast foods
In a hurry but still looking for that feel good food? A McDonald’s cheeseburger is 300 calories, while their grilled Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap comes in at 260. Subway has a ton of comforting 6 inch sandwiches that weigh in at under 300 calories “ try their ham, turkey or veggie delight. Even their roast beef sandwich has only 310 calories (you can burn off that ten calories walking there.) At Taco Bell order two Crunchy Tacos “Fresco Style” for a 300 calorie meal that’s sure to satisfy your feel good cravings, or try their Chicken Gordita Supreme. Go ahead, indulge yourself.

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  1. Avatar
    • Erica Scime
    • January 1, 1970
    That pasta sounds delicious! Geuss what I’m making tomorrow night?!
  2. Avatar
    • Erica Scime
    • January 1, 1970
    That pasta sounds delicious! Geuss what I’m making tomorrow night?!

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