The Perks of Casual Dating

In general, women want to set their Facebook status to In a Relationship as opposed to Single, In an Open Relationship, or It’s Complicated. Women, more than men, are Looking For a committed relationship as opposed to just dating or having fun.

Being in a monogamous, committed relationship tends to be the ideal relationship status for most women. When you are exclusive with that one person, your relationship is more secure and intimate. Both partners expect the other person to open up to them on a much deeper level than they would if they were just friends and each person feels comfortable doing the same. On the other hand, commitment isn’t always the most fun. There is much relationship drama that comes with boyfriends and disappointment from unmet expectations. The solution: casual dating. In case you didn’t already know, there are many pros to a no-strings-attached relationship.

No commitments
Casual dating introduces us to a lifestyle that doesn’t require any commitment, bonds or ties. In other words, you’re free. You have no significant other to report your comings and goings to and you can openly interact with any person you wish to guilt-free. Let’s not stop there. The single life doesn’t condemn you for flirting with multiple guys in one night or waking up in a different bed every so often. In short, men are free to get with whomever they want and date multiple people at once, while girls can sport revealing mini-skirts and turn heads wherever they go. Bow chica wow wow.

No more drama
Do you get tired of listening to your boyfriend complain all the time? What about those jealous ex-girlfriends who won’t stop calling your man? With casual dating you don’t ever have to put up with any of that. Committed relationships set such high standards for its participants. The only expectation for a casual relationship is that there isn’t any. There’s no one to answer to, no one to try and please, no one to impress “ and no crazy exes to fend off. If you do find yourself sitting at Joey’s across from the guy who can’t stop reminiscing about the time his goldfish died, ditch him and move on to the next. That reminds me of another thing, there’s no obligation to stay or even give a reason for your sudden departure.

Play the field
The perks of causal dating, having flings or being friends with benefits are quite endless. Who wants to be in a serious relationship when you’re out for a night on the town with your girlfriends? It would suck to be a spectator while everyone else is getting picked up by hot guys and collecting phone numbers. You, being in the committed relationship that you are cannot partake in such festivities because of your obligation to remain loyal to one man who isn’t even there.

If you are single, embrace this time of your life. You’re young, hot and perfectly capable of luring any man with that charm of yours. This is your time to shine and meet tons of new people. Prowl the bars with the ladies and have fun with different guys. If one’s not available, just scroll through your rolodex. There’s always another. Don’t limit yourself before age and responsibilities limit you. On a side note, when casually dating, being out at the movies with one guy while sexting on the side with another is perfectly acceptable behaviour.

If you haven’t already tried it, not-so-serious relationships can be serious fun. You’re free, single and ready to mingle. Start mingling!

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