Fashion: What Your Style Says About You

The way we dress says a lot about who we are. Here’s our take on what your fashion says about you.

Designing Women
Who’s kidding who: as soon as Vogue‘s September issue comes out, the only thing that matters is what each designer’s offering for the upcoming fall.  And while some shoppers attempt to find knock-offs and items a little more mainstream, you flock to the likes of Holt Renfrew to secure seasonal hot ticket items.  (Which, this season, include thigh-high boots, black statement coats and 50s-esque silhouetted skirts.)

So what does this mean?  That fashion is considered art, a way of life “ and not just a way of getting noticed.  Sure, there’s some people who use brand names to make a name for themselves, but you see fashion as more of an experience than simply a noun.  Behold: the definitive fashionista.

Eclectic Artistry
While some people head to a chain store or website to pick out their key pieces, there are ones like you that see fashion as an adventure.  Thrift stores, clothing swaps, your mother’s closet “ taking items from 1994 and applying them to 2010 is your way of conveying your uniqueness and eclecticism in fashion form, drawing like-minded souls in the process. 

Docs, mini 90s floral, vests from Northern Getaway and oversize leather jackets “ the pieces you wear are more about the experience and the artistry than the simple act of covering up, and in turn, you’ve turned heads and impressed with your how do you make that work? fashion skills.

Keeping Casual
Fashion doesn’t always have to be about brand names and statement pieces, and if you abide by the keeping it comfortable rules of play, you’ve secured yourself as a shopper that’s happy to keep things easy and relatively effortless.  Staple pieces like white button-ups, t-shirts, blazers, cardigans and skinny jeans have managed to stay en vogue for several seasons while working with almost any accessory or footwear choice to maintain modernity in the safe zone.

And while others take to fashion magazines and websites to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, you’ve found what works and embraced it wholeheartedly “let’s just be grateful it isn’t pleated slacks with running shoes.  Just remember that fashion can still be fun, so while playing it safe works, change it up every so often with a new pair of boots, a statement bag or even some rings and necklaces.

Trending Topic
We’ve all been overwhelmed at the number of seasonal trends available and how we can possibly master them all, and to every casual wearer of fashionable things, there’s the type that stock up on all aspects of cool to secure a spot on the best-dressed list.  And if that’s you, this season, you’ve got enough animal print, leather, metal-embellished anything and military jackets to open your own small business.

Trends are fantastic “ you appreciate that they keep things fresh and give designers new platforms for creativity “ but if you’re a slave to what’s hot, be careful not to lose your personal sense of style and to date yourself with an abundance of in.  Try pairing animal print with cigarette pants and a plain v-neck shirt, or wear a leather mini with a basic grey tank and ankle boots.  You may want to stay on top of the ever-evolving world of fashion, but don’t lose your essence in the process.

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