Fashion Accessory Spotlight: Scarves

A scarf can be a fantastic accessory to almost any outfit, whether it be casual, dressy, or work wear. Scarves are a multi-use accessory that comes in a dazzling number of colors, sizes, patterns, and fabrics. Each fabric can be an ideal for different occasions or seasons. It may be difficult for you to choose from cotton, rayon, silk, or even wool scarves. What a shame to have so many scarf fabrics and patterns to choose from!

Warm and Functional Scarves
Scarves are a must in cold weather, a barrier to cold, wind or snow that keeps you toasty warm and secure when the weather outside is not your friend. Scarves can go the traditional route wrapped around your neck. Knit and wool scarves, whether store bought or home made, have been around forever and serve an important purpose. If you are choosing functional go for a great design, just because it’s there to keep you warm doesn’t mean you can’t look good too.

Try H&M’s Tube Scarf in Pink, $14.95. Available at H&M.

Fun Scarves
Remember those cute little scarves tied around ponytails in the 50’s? You can modernize that look easily. Small scarves can hang from your ponytail or be wrapped around the edge of a bun. Use a thin scarf to form a headband tied beneath your hair. Get creative. Short scarves with patterns or design are great tied around the neck. There are so many styles, textures and patterns for scarves you will never get bored when creating a new look. Look for vintage patterns if you want a cool look, or go for geometric, modern patterns for a current look.

Try French Connection’s Spotty Dotty Scarf, $38. Available at French Conneciton.

Dressy Scarves
Nothing quite dresses up an oufit like a scarf around the neck. The trick is to find good quality scarves that fold beautifully and create a modern, stylish look when you add them to your outfit. Study knot tying tutorials such as the one at LoveToKnow and soon you will have many new looks when using scarves. The more knots you know how to tie, the more looks you have for your wardrobe.

Try Banana Republic’s Heritage Silk Floral Scarf, $85. Available at Banana Republic.

Multi-Purpose Scarves 
When you think of it scarves can become many different aspects of an outfit. Need a belt? Scarves when long enough make striking belts, soft and patterned, creating a lovely break around the waist. Remember all those old films with women wearing scarves on their heads? Get retro and find some cool looking scarves to pair with your retro wear. Large scarves can become an instant wrap on a cold night, just enough to add some flair to your evening wear but light enough not to be bulky. Scarves are a multi-purpose accessory that will never go out of style.

Try Forever 21’s Metallic Threaded Woven Scarf in Blush, $9.80. Available at Forever 21.

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