Fashion Accessory Spotlight: Hats

Hats make a fashion statement. Those brave souls ready to wear the latest trendy hat of the season know hats are not only stylish but practical. The fall and winter seasons make wearing hats not only fashionable but fun.

Pull On Hats
The ever predictable but cute knit cap is a hat just about everyone has worn in cold weather. Knit hats fit easily into pockets and purses and can be thrown on with not much concern since they fit the shape of your head readily. The knits and patterns of a pull on hat is where you can get comfort and fashion all in one. Then there is always the beret, another easily folded hat that is a snap to take along, adding immediate pizazz to your outfit. Having berets in a number of colors is handy for coordinating outfits. If wool berets are not your thing try a cotton beret, they flop a little more but are just as charming as thetraditional beret.

Try H&M’s Knit Cap in Orange, $6.95. Available at H&M. 

Fun and Funky Hats
When you see a pork pie style hat on a woman no doubt there is some fun fashion going on with the rest of her outfit. Way back when the movie Annie Hall premiered there was a new trend of amazing menswear clothing and fedora hats for women. Men’s style hats can change your outfit from cool to wow. A newsboy cap in print or tweed is a great match with sweaters, jackets, vests, or jeans. Women’s boxy hats are available and can be worn in warm or cold weather, whatever your heart desires. With brimmed hats make sure the scale of the brim matches your face. Those fun, floppy-brim hats from the 70’s are gaining a reinsurgence this season, it’s always fun to include a bit of retro in your wardrobe. Straw hats in warm weather can be difficult to carry off unless you find a great design that is funky, not kitchy.

Try Anthropologie’s Phoenix Wing Cloche in Chartreuse, $338. Available at Anthropologie. 

Hat Statements
Getting past the cold weather and easy to carry hats, a chapeau with great design may not be an item you wear every day, but it certainly can cause a stir and turn heads when you wear it. Hats are not for the timid, they make a statement: the more unique the hat the greater interest. Take for example the royals hats at Kate and William’s wedding. When choosing a hat to match an outfit find a hat that fits your style and complements you, after all, the hat is simply framing your face for all to see. It is always a plus to check out what’s hot and what’s not from the runway collections and decide what hat styles you will search for that season. Luckily for you most hat styles recreated from the runway won’t require you to dress to the nines to wear it in public.

Try Ophelie Hats’ Sequin Felt Bibi in Rose Mix, $92. Available at 

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