How to Get your Boyfriend Back

You’ve lost him, either by your own doing or by his. And now, as regret starts to seep in, you realize the truth: You NEED to get him back. A daunting task? Yes. Easier said than done? Maybe not. Just follow these five simple steps for getting your man out of your bad books and back in your arms!

Give him space
You broke up six hours ago? Probably not the best time to start your campaign to win him back. Give your guy some space for a couple of weeks, as painful as it may be. They didn’t think up that saying absence makes the heart grow fonder for nothing. He needs time away from you to realize what he has been missing.

Focus your attention elsewhere
And no, we don’t mean on other boys, we mean on other things. Take up a hobby, start hitting the gym, or volunteer. Do something you’ve always said you’d do but never did. It is a proven fact that women are more attractive to men when they are doing things they love and that make them happy. You’re enthusiasm for life will only make you that much more attractive to him when you do eventually start pursuing him again.

Keep it casual
When you do finally get back in touch with your man, keep it casual. Invite him to do something totally casual like go bowling with friends or grab a mid-day coffee. There will be plenty of time for serious talk later, right now you just want to catch up with him, see where his head is and let him know what you’ve been up to as well (remember that shiny, happy personality he’ll love!)

Tread lightly
Begin the process of talking out your situation slowly. Send him a sweet text here and there letting him know you kinda miss him (and by here and there we mean bi-weekly NOT daily), or shoot off an email telling him you were in your fave restaurant the night before and you were thinking of him. Leave it at this. If he responds then open up the floor for conversation, slowly coming around to express the sadness and regret you are feeling about the ending of the relationship.

Remember the girl he fell in love with
We’re not saying that you have to change the person you have become but it is always wise, if given the chance to rebuild your relationship, that you remember that girl he fell in love with. Has your fun-loving nature suddenly fallen away to reveal a bit of a grump? Have you lost your beloved spontaneity in lieu of mature predictability? Think back to the way you both were when you first met and try and relive some of those behaviours and feelings. And then try to keep them around in moderation. He fell in and out of love for a reason. Don’t let him do it again!

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