Why Tubing Mascara Is The Best Mascara

Why Tubing Mascara Is The Best Mascara

By Alison McGill

You know when you have an a-ha beauty moment? When you discover a new-to-you product that’s been out there, but you never knew you needed? For me, that game-changing product has been tubing mascara.

I am sure you’ll agree that mascara is one of those stalwarts of your beauty stash and once you find one you vibe with you become inseparable. That was me, wearing the same formula for the better part of a decade, but I have recently developed some dry eye sensitivities which necessitate hydrating drops on the regular. My tried and trusted volumizing mascara is not waterproof and most days I found myself left me with sooty product smudges under my eyes. I tried a few waterproof formulas which did stay in place but were almost impossible to remove.

My next move was to try a tubing mascara…and it was love. No smears, no flakes, precise application, amazing volume, rich, glossy colour and easy removal. Literally a mascara of dreams!

The formula I tried was MAC Extended Play Mascara ($25). I love this unique formula so much I wanted to better understand how tubing mascara formulas work. I spoke to Elizabeth Layton, regional education trainer at M·A·C Cosmetics Canada who shared the following intel with me about the wonders of tubing mascara, and why once you try it, you’ll never go back!

How is tubing mascara different than a traditional mascara formula?
“Whereas traditional mascara generally uses waxes and oils to add volume to your lash, a tubing mascara leverages polymers to coat or wrap individual lashes in product,” Layton says. “This means that generally, tubing mascara results in a more “defined” or less thick look to the lashes. Our M·A·C tubing mascara has a unique petite wand that coats every lash from root to tip—the bristles of the wand have micro-hooks embedded in them to effectively ‘wrap’ each lash in product, resulting in a clump-free, defined lash look.”

Why tubing mascara, a perfect formula for every mascara wearer?
“Anyone can wear tubing mascara of course, but it is especially great if your ideal lash look is natural, you prefer length over thickness, and you hate clumpy mascara or have trouble removing mascara,” Layton reports. “Additionally, most tubing formulas like ours are smudge-proof, flake-proof, sweat- and humidity-resistant with 16hr wear, yet removes easily with warm water, making it ideal for everyday use.”

Are tubing mascaras typically a buildable formula?
“Generally tubing formulas have a more comb-like wand, resulting in defined lashes,” Layton shares. “With a tubing formula, a trick to add more volume is to wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes a few times before combing through the length. This will deposit more mascara near the lash root, giving a fuller look to the lashes.”

How is the removal of a tubing mascara different than a traditional formula?
“Removal of is simple; using a cloth or cotton pad saturated with warm water, hold the cloth against the lash for about 30 seconds, then sweep the cloth down the length of the lash to release the tube,” Layton says. “Tubing mascara can also be removed using oil-based cleansers which is a gentle and effective option if you are also removing other longwearing makeup in addition to your mascara.”

As a makeup pro, why do you love tubing mascara?
“Knowing I can count on it to coat every lash without the risk of smudging or flaking but can also come off easily without tugging or special removers makes me feel super confident recommending it and using in my own personal kit. As a makeup wearer, I love the definition that tubing mascara gives my lashes, and it never transfers onto my concealer even though my skin tends to be oily. In the case of MAC’s tubing mascara, the product has been my go-to mascara since it launched!”

3 More Tubing Mascaras To Try

Best Lash Lengthener
This TikTok darling delivers incredible lush, long lashes—think of this formula as extensions in a tube!
BUY: Tarte Tarelette Tubing Mascara, $37, tartecosmetics.com.

Best Budget Buy
One of the best beauty steals going that delivers high-impact, luxe looking lashes at for an incredible price.
BUY: Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes, $6, shoppersdrugmart.com.

Best Clean Formula
This mascara applies beautifully thanks to a big, bold brush that coats every single lash, even the teeny tiny corner ones.
BUY: Merit Clean Lash Lengthening Tubing Mascara, $36, sephora.com.

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