Fashion Accessory Spotlight: Jewelry

What woman doesn’t love a nice piece of jewelry? Whether it is made of gold, silver, gemstones, or metal, women wear jewelry to accent their outfits and their look. A good piece of jewelry can elevate an outfit from average to exceptional. It doesn’t really matter if it’s costume, vintage or precious stones, because in the end, jewelry makes everything you wear look better.

Earrings cascade from the lobes of ears and brighten any face. From studs to gems to hoops to chandelier style earrings there is something for everyone. Sometimes the decision is not what pair of earrings to wear, but depending on your piercings, how many earrings can you wear all at once? A hoop earring can accent one lonely ear up top or cascade in pairs down lobes. Earrings can highlight your face with color, shine, or design. Whether you prefer small or large earrings, you will never run out of choices when it comes to this most adored piece of jewelry.

The easy going feel of a bracelet can be appealing. Bracelets can add a sparkle and shine to your arm in metals or modern design in leathers and fabric. Chunky bracelets in multi colors can add a modern look to your wardrobe. Ankle bracelets can also be a good choice to heighten the look of your leggings or legs when wearing heels. Bracelets can take many forms, whether using precious stones, metals, fabrics, or plastics, and provide a playful, sensual, or classic style to what you are wearing. Whichever form you choose a bracelet will add a definite pop to your wardrobe.

The fascination with rings goes back centuries. A ring is readily available to gaze at and enjoy by the wearer at any time. With rings adorning one or many fingers, the styles of these magical wonders can be wide ranging. Where once rings were worn for marriage or status, rings can be found on every finger, thumbs, and even toes. Rings can be found in every metal possible, with gems or without, with elaborate designs or a simple round statement. The only real choice you must make is how many rings you want to wear at once.

The neck area is most fortunate to have jewelry to compliment it. Necklaces are often worn close to the neck or in longer lengths, and can be made of as many stones, metals, gems, chains, plastics and designs as you can think are possible. Costume jewelry has always been popular and costume necklaces are often used to dress up everyday outfits. Natural stone necklaces and gemstones are more expensive and often more difficult to find. Natural stones can be an earthy choice that works well with natural fabrics, while gemstones may pair best with dressier outfits. Gold and silver necklaces are more expensive and extremely popular, your only choice being to wear the necklace as is or add a pendent to the end of it. With so much to choose from necklaces are exceptional bling most women don’t want to live without.


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