The Facts About Valentine’s Day

We rounded up our favourite annual surveys to see what Canadians are up to this Valentine’s Day. Here are the fascinating results:

The Facts:

90% of Canadians will buy a gift for their partner on Valentine’s Day (Shoppers Drug Mart Survey).

59% of men and 50% of women said feelings of love get them in the mood (iVillage Survey).

97% of Canadians enjoy being flirted with ( Survey). Well, duh!

51% of people want a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day (Shoppers Drug Mart Survey).

3 to 4 times a week “ the amount of times happy couples have sex a week (The Normal Bar). Make it 5 this Valentine’s Day week!

67% of singles would venture on a first date on Valentine’s ( Survey).

#1 gift of choice for Valentine’s Day is chocolate ( Survey).

70% of couples kiss passionately (The Normal Bar). Give him a sexy smooch!

65% of couples use pet names like Sweetheart, Babe and Honey (The Normal Bar). 

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