What’s Her Secret? Kristen Wood, CEO & Creator of THE TEN SPOT

To make sure you look and feel like a knockout this holiday season its helpful to have a team of beauticians that will prep and perfect you head to toe. One such place that will do this for you, if you didn’t already know about, is THE TEN SPOT a beauty bar with locations in and around the Greater Toronto Area, and with one shop in Vancouver.

Kristen Wood is the brilliant and sassy brain (aka: the CEO and Creator) behind THE TEN SPOT, which provides men and women the chance to get their mani, pedi, facials and wax on. She was named in the 16th annual W100 ranking, as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, and was most recently honoured as a 2014 EY North American Entrepreneurial Winning Woman. What are her secrets to happiness, life, success and style? Read on and find out.

Astrological sign: Libra

Guilty pleasure: McDonald's soft based chocolate chip cookies, only when they are fresh out of the oven.

Favourite holiday song: Last Christmas by Wham!

Hot chocolate or eggnog: Neither. Coffee with Amarula!

THE TEN SPOT has come a long way since opening its first location in 2006. Do you still remember your very first customer? 
Yes! She walked in at 10am on August 1st – our opening day. I didn’t really expect that and was a little stunned at what to do with her. I was a deer caught in headlights.

When we hear the words “Brazilian wax” the image that pops into our minds is Carrie Bradshaw’s first everything off experience in Sex & the City – ouch! How does your team calm the fears of first timers? 
It’s no secret that Brazilly waxing is uncomfortable, that’s why we have TV’s in all of our waxing rooms to help distract you. Our esthetic experts are extremely friendly and well trained so they can provide an excellent wax each time and they will chat you up to help keep your mind off the pain.

It’s the holidays and women are looking for the three Ps (to get primped, primed and perfect looking) for the season’s many festivities. Can you share your personal tips and tricks to staying on your grooming A-game? 
To be honest I don’t have many tricks, I have standing appointments for all my grooming needs so I am never caught with a grown out pedicure or unsightly hair. It is the only way to keep on track to have those appointments pre-booked every 4 weeks!

What was your most memorable holiday present?
When I was about seven, I got a puppy for Christmas. My dad had us close our eyes and he put a puppy in our laps and I was super excited!

Finish this sentence: I want women around the world to ­___________.
I want women around the world to be entrepreneurs. It is the only playing field where everyone can be equal. You don’t have to sit at someone’s table; you make your own table. You write your own rules.

What are your three favourite go-to pieces in your wardrobe? 
Black tights, a black top, a cozy open sweater and then I jazz it all up with some accessories!

If you could create a recipe for happiness, what would it contain and why? 
One part find something you love doing; two parts love, marriage and babies; and one part laughter and coffee dates – all these parts make up one great recipe for happiness.

If you could spend Sunday brunch with a famous person (celebrity or historical figure), who would it be and why?
It would be Richard Branson and Madonna so their ambition and awesomeness can rub off on me.

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