Five Foods to Bring into the Bedroom

After all those years of being told not to play with your food, we’re going to turn the tables and tell you exactly what you should. Here’s our top five picks for the best foods to take your bedroom activities to a deliciously dirty new level.

Whipped Cream

It might sound cliché© but this old favorite has garnered its reputation because, well, it works. Grab a can of this chilly stuff and take turns squirting its goodness onto the spots you want licked and then get those tongues working. To be noted, however, is that dairy can get a little smelly after a while so make a post-sexy shower is in order once you’ve gotten your fill.

Coconut Oil

Let’s all admit it, coconut oil is basically like the nectar of the gods these days. Is there anything this stuff can’t do? We use it to whiten our teeth, to make our hair shine and to make our skin soft. Now we can also use it to make our sex lives better. Use this as a natural alternative to your usual lubricant for a sexy, slippery experience.


So much learning and earning potential comes out of bringing popsicles into your sexual experiences. Use these phallic shaped goodies to trace images all over each others bodies or have your man show you what he likes orally or, if you’re really daring, to let him give you a frosty and exciting internal experience. Don’t want to keep a cooler by the bedside? Don’t be afraid to try these ones out in the kitchen.

Peanut Butter

For all our health conscious friends out there, adding peanut butter to your sexual repertoire can not only enhance the fun but also packs an awesome protein punch to your activities. Lather this sticky stuff all over your partners most sensitive parts and then lick it off slowly and seductively to enhance the experience. A glass of milk on the bedside stand might not be a bad idea either.

Candy Necklaces

Can you imagine his member wrapped up in some sweet delicious candy necklace goodness? Or walking to bed with this substituting as a garter under your nightie?  Licking and biting are totally encouraged. 

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